We lost our dining room and found a chair!

We got Nathan’s special needs bumbo! I love it! He sits really well in it. I am thrilled.

For you non-special needs parents / readers, finding equipment that helps us do little things like sit him and hold him is pretty hard. So it’s especially thrilling when you find something that works. To find one thing that works you usually have to go through 5 that don’t. So we are thrilled, we found our gem!

Look how great the he sits in it! It supports his head and body pretty well, he doesn’t have to work to stay up. And it’s so easy to put him in it, just sit him and wham you’re done. Sooo…we are thrilled.

We also lost our dining room. The room in the 2nd picture below, with the blue mat and Nathan sitting in the bumbo, used to be our dining room. But since we rarely use it, and Nathan needs space for therapy, we decided to ditch the dining room and convert it into a therapy room. Then we took his old therapy room and converted it into an equipment room. You can see it in the picture with the light gait, igallop, computer desk, and inclined plane. It’s a much better layout for us.

So every week, every month brings little things that make our lives easier. This has been a great one! Enough talking, enjoy the pictures. By the way, sorry he’s all messy, daddy was spoiling him with chocolate, and he’s as messy an eater as they come.


  1. HA!! I love it!! the chair and the fact that someone elses house looks like mine! Equipment all over the place and the house rearranged so that a once used room has now become the docking place for gait trainers, walkers, treadmills, standers, and other various equipment! I love the seat, now I just have to find some extra cash to get one. I hope Daniel sits in it as well as nathan!

  2. Wow! That is one gigantic bumbo! And he looks so happy to be in it! 🙂

  3. Administrator says

    Yeah, we gave up trying to have a normal house. THere was so much equipment piled around we decided to just give in. Now Nathan has 3 full rooms in our house – bedroom, dining room, living room. ANd you haven’t even seen the garage..hehe. The seat should be perfect for Daniel, he has much more head and trunk control than Nate.

  4. Administrator says

    Hey Shey! Good to see you! Hope life is great in AZ! It’s a special needs bumbo, pretty cool isn’t it! Lots of hugs to all of you!

  5. My living room looks like a toy room/ thearpy room. Rylands bedroom is to full of medical supplies and extra toys. Love seeing new pics of Nathan.

  6. Administrator says

    Hey I saw the pics of Ry at the conference, he’s grown so much! He’s such a cutie. Glad to hear the trip went well. Yeah, Owen and I were laughing about how Nathan seems to be taking up more and more rooms at our house.

  7. Hi Marcela,
    We, too, got the ‘big’ bumbo, and we love it.
    It is the only chair that Suzy will sit in and
    stay happy for 10 minutes!

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