A boy’s a boy’s a boy

Nathan and Owen surprised me by arriving home late last night! I had just gone to sleep when they snuck into bed with me. It was glorious snuggling up with them after 1 week of not seeing them!

This morning we went to breakfast and afterwards, Nathan and I went to visit his cousins. When we got there, the boys were riding their bicycles outside.

Nathan was SUPER excited and just dying to go play with them! He stood up and supported his weight and was trying to hard to walk/run after them. I was SHOCKED at how well he was standing and that he was trying to step and at how much he wanted to ride a bicycle with them. The treatment is really working, I’ve never seen him bear weight with minimal assistance for such a long time!

He was also fascinated by his uncle Brian, who was working on his car. I had no idea he was into car’s but he had a hard time taking his eyes off him while he worked.

My baby is not a baby any more – he’s a boy now! Into cars, bicycles, playing outside, fixing things. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Disabled or not, he’s into the exact same things that his cousin, who is the same age, is into!

I thought I’d have more time before I started the Bike Funding Fight, but I was wrong. Sounds like I have a project for next week 🙂 I can see him already!


  1. We have a real cute trike that we got for Charlie at Walmart. Our PT loves it and says it’s practically adaptive equipemnt. We can push him and he can pretend he’s riding it. Here’s a link to it: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Little-Tikes-3-in-1-Smart-Trike/12080272?wmlspartner=GPA&sourceid=44444444440049419794

    Here’s a pic of Charlie riding it: http://img9.yfrog.com/i/dbyg.jpg/

    Sorry for just dumping links in here–I don’t have the tech savvy to create a link.

  2. Such great pics.
    Have you checked out ambucs. Junior’s bike was funded through them and didn’t cost us a thing.
    http://www.ambucs.com go to the amtryke tab and click on wish list for info on what you need to do to get on their wish list for a bike. Junior has a 3 wheeled bike with all the adaptions so it works for him. there are pics and video of Junior on his bike at http://www.adaptions4kidz.blogspot.com look under the post for February 20th.

  3. GO NATHAN!!!

  4. Lindo, lindo, lindo, me fascina saber tanto de él!!, te encuentro maravilloso Nathan, te mando mil besitos para tí y tu hermanita, besitos amiga y cuidate mucho!!!

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