A vision in glass and blue

What an amazing start to 2011.

This morning a friend asked me to go to a church with her. The morning I set foot on the grounds something within me stirred and I knew deep in my heart that I’d found the place where I would get married.

I immediately saw myself in this church, on a cliff overlooking the ocean, walking down the aisle with the love of my life. It is not just beautiful but perfect, everything I always dreamed of.

I can’t believe that just 2 days ago we were talking about finally making our wedding a reality, now I found the church and it’s only a matter of figuring out the dates.

Last night I wrote about INTENTION, and the fact that if we hold on to an intention we will manifest our intentions into reality. Well one of the reasons Owen and I hadn’t gotten married is because I simply hadn’t found the right place. I knew exactly what I wanted in my mind but I had never seen a place like it. To have walked today on those grounds and see with my external eyes what my internal eyes had already created was breathtaking.

My plan is to have 1 wedding and 2 baptisms, all at once.

And talking about 2011’s great start, last night Belle spent the first full night in her crib. She woke up and cried a few times, but we didn’t get up with her so she was able to get herself back to sleep. Tonight I put her down at 8:30pm and she cried for about 15 minutes and then fell asleep.

Also on Tuesday Nathan will go to a suit therapy appointment so we can have an actual trial to see how things go. Then Thursday we are off to Mammoth Lakes, CA to go skiing!

Oh what a glorious couple of days, what a great start to the year!


  1. very impressive place

  2. Sharon Dzialo says

    What a beautiful experience! Intention and vision boards are really important. I have made several over the years. You can’t just dream about your intentions – you watch, listen, and work towards your goal. We miss so much by not paying attention. Loved this story!!

  3. Perfect…what a beautiful church!

    Time for me to make a vision board for this year!

  4. Marcela wow what an amazing church you are going to have a beautiful wedding I bet you are glad you waited now that you found the perfect place love it

  5. Hey Sandi, yes I am glad and thrilled, and can’t wait to figure out the details!

  6. I really hope you do Lisa, at least for me the vision boards have made a HUGE difference!

  7. I think creating the vision board somehow actualizes the intention, plus it gives you an actual image to hold on to.  I used to just write my intentions in words, but since I started doing the vision boards, I’ve been amazed at how much they have come true!

  8. Thanks Iveta, I wish you guys lived in LA so you could come!

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