Brand New XBOX 360 4G Console + Kinect Contest/Giveaway

I promised an awesome giveaway so here it is. And when I mean awesome I mean AWESOME because the Kinect ROCKS.

And why, oh why, might you think, am I giving away a kinect? There are 2 reasons:

1. Because it is SO MUCH FUN for the whole family! This is a giveaway that even the mommies can enjoy. Most of us don’t ever have time to go to the gym or exercise. With the kinect you can work out, lose weight, stay healthy…all from the comfort of home. It is so much more fun than the WII! Typical kids will love it and the SN kiddos that are mobile can exercise and therapize while having fun. Check her out:

I wish that were me but it is not. But I have as much fun doing it as she does!

2. Because I need some help. We have been working with Nathan’s Dynavox for about 6 months now, and have made progress but I keep thinking there is so much more we could be doing with him. So I figured I’d combine a fun giveaway with a request for HEEEEEEEELP.

How can you help Nathan and enter to win a kinect?

We need ideas for boards to add to his dynavox. Here are a couple of examples of Nathan working on his dynavox:

The computer reads his retina, so he can look at a box that we pre-program, and it will say whatever we program it to say. In the example above, it had “simon says” in the middle, and the other boxes were actions, like jump up and down, dance, tickle me, etc.

Now we need ideas for MANY MORE boards like the ones above. We need boards that will help him learn in a fun and enticing way. Boards that will teach him the power of learning and communication in an enjoyable way.

Some examples of other boards that we have are:
– Choices for places to go
– Choices for toys to play with
– 4 boxes with the sequence and instructions for making a smoothie
– Choices of movie clips and sound clips
– Choices of books to read, and a box that says “turn the page” while another says “another book”

So what does a Kinect have to do with the Dynavox?

We need your ideas for new boards. For every board idea that you give us, you earn an entry. You can have unlimited entries. If I really like an idea, I will give you triple entries. Simply post your entries as a comment on this blog. Or if you post on facebook, a yahoo group, or somewhere else, please post a link in the comments on this blog so I know where to find it.

Entries will be written into papers and thrown into a box.

Watch Nathan pick the winner LIVE online!

On Dec 17th, at a predetermined time, Nathan and I will go online and do a live webcast drawing. You will be able to log on to this website and see Nathan and I in real time in our living room as Nathan draws a name from the box. The person whose name he draws will then win the Kinect PLUS a game of their choice. I will mail it right away so they get it before Christmas.

You can also gain extra entries by doing any one of the following:

Bonus entries:
• Follow PrayforNathan on Twitter.
• Tweet about this giveaway (once per day, please). Here’s a tweet: Win ax XBOX Kinect from @prayfornathan, ends 12/17,
• Place a link from your website to
• Announce this contest as your facebook status for your friends to participate
• Post on other blogs or Yahoo groups announcing this contest, email me the links, and for every post you will gain an entry.

You must leave your email address with your entries, so I can contact you if you are the winner.

Good luck and thank you for helping us help our superhero!


  1. ok so I posted to my facebook page 🙂 will think on the board idea’s for you and get back to you 🙂 Looks like Nathan is one lucky little guy!

  2. Jolene Hallam says

    We’re doing something similar with our daughter….we’re adding some \silly\ boards to her eye gaze device, so she can comment on things. E.g. \want to hear a joke?\, \I don’t/do like this\, \this is fun\, \I’m bored\, etc. the main point of the board is that it is unstructured and there are no right or wrong answers.

  3. songs- head shoulders knees and toes where he gets a chance to pick the body parts
    how much is that doggy in the window
    color songs
    raffi music
    boy stuff- burp noises
    snakes,snails, puppy dog tails
    position changes

  4. We have enlarged a clock and have programed a spot around each number with what is going to happen at that time of day. Example: When she points to the 1:00 on the clock, it might say,”Have lunch and play a game”, 2:00 might say,”Time to take a rest.”

    Is Nathan in school? If so, most schools do the pledge and you can break it up into sections so that a section is said with each block.

    Have you thought about the game Guess Who? You could make a board with all of the questions….like does he have a mustache? Is her hair brown? and then he could play the game Guess Who?

    How about a Mr. Potato Head with different part to be requested that are added (even if he himself can not add the parts, he can create the character by requesting which parts to use). You could take a picture of each set of ears, mouths, eyes, etc.

  5. Hi I a did not see a contact link- I posted this contest on my facebook page Marie Kennedy and Emailed to my online special needs writing group.. ( You may get some great ideas from them too-
    I don’t twitter and can’t get it posted on my web site until after the first of the year but will..LOVE your site, so I am hoping for two chances..if you can please let me know I did this right. Email
    facebook and Email to writing group
    Great concept on every level.
    With Much Repect ,
    Marie Kennedy
    Author My Perfect Son has Cerebral Palsy

  6. Another idea for a board is a home page that has basic needs/wants: I need to use the bathroom, I want a snack, I need to rest, I want a drink, I want to watch a video, I want to listen to music, etc.

  7. You might check the Dynavox website to see if they have some more sample boards that you can adapt to Nathan’s needs. Or, check other eyegaze sites, such as

  8. Can Nathan recognize sight words yet? Maybe u can put all your names in the box…then slowly introduce verbs into the box so Nathan will eventually make short phrases using eye gaze. Like Nathan loves Mommy!

  9. I love the Kinect too. so awesome.
    I have such a hard time coming up with lesson plans for LJ. I use a lot of Katys from Bird On The Street ideas. She does a lot of lesson plans.
    You could do family members, pets, Christmas theme (tree, lights, reindeer, Santa, elves, etc), winter theme, clothing choices (red or blue jacket), animals
    I’m not too familar with the Dynavox but could you create his schedule and give him options given the activity? Can you upload pictures? I think this would be awesome for the family members. You could try both by names or how they’re related (whos Mommy?)

    also I found this site. might be helpful

  10. We’ve never used Dynovox but there used to be an emotion game on that Cody loved. Could you make an emotion board and he could do “simon says blow rasberries, make fart sounds, burp, laugh, cry, etc…..” The more obnoxious the better for my boys!

    Also thought (even though you don’t live in the frozen tundra like us) he may like a step by step on building a snow man. You could even get some artifical snow and he could help build it as you go….We did a lot of inside snow man building last year since Cody doesn’t tolerate the cold. We just did it in the sink or on a cookie sheet.

    Good luck. Ethan would LOVE the xbox. We have an old playstation that he’s just discovering!

  11. How about setting up social stories? Use suggestions/choices of what to do/say in different social situations. Also could do sample conversations with different types of people…friends, relatives, doctors, teachers, etc.

    Another thought is something involving facial expressions…is this person mad, happy, sad, etc.

  12. What about emotions? Using smiley faces etc. so that he can show you how he feels or let him answer how someone would feel if something happened.

  13. Is there anyway you could do something interactive with an interactive pet or something? Something that he could take care of on the computer? Feed it, pet it etc? I have no idea, but it seems like fun to me.

  14. nicedream says

    how about a game of visual bingo. or \I spy with my little eye\ …. depending on the environment/setting, set up his boards with the appropriate vocabulary and then everyone can participate.

  15. nicedream says

    how about a game of visual bingo or “I spy with my little eye”. Depending on the environment/setting. If it’s a car ride or if you’re at the zoo, set up the boards with the appropriate vocabulary and have everyone participate.

  16. Marcela

    I don’t have any knowledge or experience with the Dynavox or other Eye Gaze progrmas. So if my suggestions seem off the wall please excuse my ignorance.

    How about something that helps Nathan learn matching and sorting. This could involve shapes, colors, ABC’s and numbers.

    Or how about something where he can tell you how he is feeling, by using different facial expressions.

  17. Marcela

    Please excuse my ignorance, but being Timmy is blind, I don’t have any knowledge or experience with the Dynavox or similar devices. But here goes amyway…..

    How about using different facial expressions, so that Nathan can tell you how he is feeling.

    Or, something that helps teach him matching and sorting, by using colors, shapes, ABC’s and numbers.

    Also something that teaches patterns and sequencing.

  18. How about something where Nathan chooses a simple song, like “Mary had a little lamb,” “Twinkl Twinkle little star” or some other simple song and he gets to choose an instrument like bells, drum, maracas, or a combination of the instruments to play the chosen song?

  19. Here is an idea that we use with Timmy, but we use switches. It just may work for Nathan.

    Being that Nathan LOVES to be read to, have a list of books for him to choose from. Then have a board with answers to questions related to the chosen book. For Ex. if he chooses “The 3 Bears.” You could ask was the story about a car or a bear? Have 2-3 objects for him to choose from. The combination of questions and answers can be endless. And can lead to a conversation.

  20. I’m just thinking about things that Julia likes to tell me. She likes to tell me and others about her day. Maybe you could have a board for each day of the week and have stuff on there that is on Naathan’s agenda for that day – like laser treatment, school, etc. – and then have some commentary like – I was tired. I had a lot of fun. I played with my friends. I missed my Mommy 🙂 That way he can tell you about his day. Oh, and add my favorite so he can tell you about his favorite part of the day.

    Also, a board for his different books so he can read them to you or Belle. You can either go page by page or just have a summary of what is happening on the pages. You can also have some items on the pages. Like for goodnight moon, you could have bears on chairs or toy house and when you get to those pages Nathan can tell you what he sees on the page.

    I also love some of the board’s that Heidi set up for Junior on the iPad. Have you checked out that blog? It’s

    I’ll put the word out on my blog about your giveaway. I’m interested in the findings as I’m having a heck of a time figuring out what to do with Emma and her communication!

  21. Would it be possible to setup a silly sentence/story maker? For ex. there are pics of people (mom, dad, sister etc), animals (dog frog bear), places (park school beach) and items (food, transportation, toys), and descriptive terms (ate, jumped over, sat on etc.) Nathan could then use a sequence of these things to create a funny/silly story. Like “Mom ate the school bus.” “Dad sat on the pizza.”

    My older kiddos had an electronic book with this same theme maaany years ago. And they LOVED it. Cna’t for the life of me remember who made the book though. Wish I could.

  22. Hi,
    I am not familiar with the dynovox because my son Anthony uses a vantage lite. But we have created a couple of pages that he really likes. He loves to ride carnival rides so we made a book with about five pictures and he can tell us about each favorite ride and who he rode it with. I don’t know if your device has this option but maybe you can put his favorite disney rides and he can tell you in each box how he felt when he rode it.

    Another fun thing is maybe you can put pictures of your family members and the traits that each member has. Like I love my sister. She is fun. I like to play with her. She makes me laugh. You know kind of making it about expressing his feelings. My son is very affectionate and he can tell his siblings how he feels about them and they love it.

    Since the holidays are coming you could make a page of his wish list for Christmas or a little something he would like to give or make for someone like a card, or a drawing, or make some treats.

    Sorry for the long post and I hope I did it right. My email is

  23. I am LOVING some of these ideas, THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating! I think we are going to come out of these with some awesome boards, not just for Nathan, but for all kids using speech output communication devices.

    Please keep your ideas coming!!!! You can submit as many ideas as you have. We still have 1 more week!

    These are my entries so far…please do let me know if I miscounted or need to add more entries to you. You can contact me directly at marceladevivo @ gmail . com

    pnina 1
    jolene 3
    sally 7
    heidi 4
    marie 2
    lilian 1
    christy 5
    laurag 2
    myndi 2
    rebecca 2
    nicedream 2
    donna 6
    kristina 3
    kathy M 3

  24. Summer Jesse says

    We have a animal page with 6 animals and then have pictures of the same animas, not the same picture, we ask him to find the same animal and when he does the next page if he gets it right he can choose a reward, like bubbles, cerea puffs. Did get at leaving animals

  25. Summer Jesse says

    We play board games and made a page the says Yes, No, Go and they who ever else is playing we put a button that say Daddy go, Mommy go or Nathan Go, that way we would ask Ryland can you tell Daddy to go it’s his turn.
    Even though we just had a trial for a month we did alot while we had it.

  26. Summer Jesse says

    How about a page just for his sister, so he could tell her, Bella I want my cup or go get mommy. I can see Nathan liking one that says Bella leave me alone

  27. Summer Jesse says

    Shared it on Facebook

  28. Summer Jesse says

    What about if you went for a walk and had a page that let him choose where to go. Go foward, Turn Right, Turn Left, Stop

  29. Summer Jesse says

    I know it seems like alot of work but what about taking pictures of different shirts and let him choose what he wants to wear.
    I know if I did Ryland would just be wearing him Junk Food Transformer tee or his yellow shirts all the time.

  30. Summer Jesse says

    Before we had to give ours back, I was messing around with adding numbers on the Dynovox. I had 1+1= and then on the next page had a couple differnt numbers and if he got the right number there was a reward, usally bubbles. Ryland doesn’t know many number yet stillworking on that but I’m hoping someday he will know how to add them

  31. How about putting pictures of his friends on there and asking who he wants to play with.
    I’ve thought about if we get one for Ryland putting some of the kids he knows better at school and having it say \Hi Zander\ or How are you. He got a couple kids in his grade that just love him and are always asking about him

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  33. For my daughter, while we were borrowing a device, we were trying to work more with spontaneous communication. For meal times, put on the board: I like that, That’s good, That’s gross, I want more please, I’m all done.

  34. For choices, you could put picture of books that you can read for bedtime stories.

  35. For play time with cars, you could provide the noises that cars make: vroom vroom, honk honk, beep beep, tires screeching, an engine that won’t start, etc.

  36. For learning letters, you could put all of the letters of his first name on the board and have him spell his name, then add his last name, then middle name.

  37. Adding Christmas time objects:

    2 trees + 1 tree then give three choices of the correct answer.

    2 presents + 2 presents,
    1 snowman + 2 snowmen,

  38. Choices for Christmas songs. Put a picture of a bell for Jingle bells, a picture of Frosty for Frosty the Snowman, Picture of Rudolph for R. the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc…

  39. Sally Fraley says

    show me how
    show me where
    Belle questions: where is baby/Belle
    thank you
    friends/therapist names and the places you go to see them

  40. I say a page for
    getting dressed. clothes items
    fun tv characters
    family member pics

  41. When we had Rylands for a month his favorite page was his about Ryland page, had his name, age and fav color, and animal. He LOVED to say his name, all we would hear is My Name is Ryland, My Name is Ryland. It was pretty funny. It was hard to get it to say his name right, we had to spell it funny so it would sound like Ryland.
    His ST put in Vera’s name during ST on Wed and it didn’t sound right so if we get one we wil have to mess with it to get Vera to sound right

    I see your drawing a name on the 17th, my nephews party is on the day. I my have is bring the laptop with me and watch it at the party. Oh wait last time we took the laptop out Nick droped it and broke the plastic on it, I may leave it at home

  42. Cathy Jordan says

    Hi Marcela! The communication program you have for Nathan is so amazing! Not completely sure how it works, but could you possible play Memory using it? Hope you are well! I will also post something about your contest on my Facebook status! Cathy 🙂

  43. Cathy Jordan says

    grrrr…I hate typos! I meant to say “possibly”

  44. Today while Ryland was sitting on my lap changing channels I got to thinking about why couldnt Ryland, so what about having a up and down on the dynovox.

  45. I keep tweeting this but not sure if you want me to reply on here everyday that I’ve tweeted! =)

  46. Marcela, this is wonderful, on so many levels. Good suggestions here! We’re now using an iPad, which has “categories” instead of “boards” but they are basically the same thing.

    I think a board with things he’d like to say to other kids could be great—a mix of statements, like “My favorite color is blue” and “What’s your favorite colors”

    Wonder if you could also do a “Things that make me laugh” board. I have to say, Max’s speech therapists programmed a fart sound into his iPad and, boys being boys, he thinks it’s a laugh-riot every time. (And, as Sally mentions above, you could have a burp noise!)

    You could also have one for getting ready in the morning and one for bedtime, so he can discuss what’s coming up—e.g., for bedtime, bath, books, bed, kiss from mom and dad, etc.

  47. Pam Harris says

    My son has relied on AAC for nearly 20 years. One of the most valuable resources, that I am confident contributed to his success as a competent communicator – is the use of social scripts.
    I urge to review these resources and search for your own online. Your son needs to learn the “feel” of a conversation, to claim his turn in a conversation and experience multiple successful interactions. Social scripts will provide this.

    Start here, then visit Dr. Musselwhite’s website:

    Happy Holidays!
    Pam Harris

  48. Okay, I haven’t read the other entries, and am not sure this is really a good idea from a discipline standpoint, but it is developmentally appropriate, for sure. What about having a sub-set in the Belle board (which I am sure you already have/are working on, because if Nathan is anything like Fletcher, he adores his little sis) for “tattling” on Belle. Like Belle is climbing on the table/feeding the dog her food/tearing ornaments off the tree (all three things Audrey did in the past 5 minutes… it is just a matter of time for Miss Belle). I think Nathan would get a kick out of it, and it is definitely something a NT kid would be doing!

  49. How about programing in Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or have a picture of Santa and have it say HO HO HO. If Ryland gets his before Christmas I’m going to do that so he can tell everyone Happy Holidays and if not maybe Happy New Year

  50. Shared on Facebook today

  51. Hi Marcela,
    I have a four year old who uses a Vantage Lite. (Its a secondary line of communication for him. Signing is primary. He has mouth deformities that make speech very unintelligible. ) Something that has worked for me to get him engaged in using his talker is to have a stuffed animal or puppet carry on a conversation with him. Ben likes Elmo a lot, and I can mimic Elmo’s voice and speech patterns pretty well. He loves for me to make his Elmo talk to him. Sometimes I’ll make him answer Elmo’s questions with the talker. Elmo is young enough to be able to ask simple questions and it seem sincere. Maybe if you have a stuffed animal or puppet that you can create a personality and voice for you can make him be younger than Nathan, and therefore needs Nathan to tell him answer to simple things like “where is the horse?” Questions like that may be too simple for Nathan to find interesting enough to answer on its own, but an imaginary conversation with a younger “person” may get him to. And the sillier I can make something, the better. Which reminds me of another idea.

  52. Saw your post to the PACT group. I have a child who is an AAC user and its an area of interst for me.

    If you or the speech therapist can identify what the other kids his age are saying (the good, the bad and the ugly) and add them. I know its sometimes hard to find a symbol to rep the word, but I assume you are pairing every picture/symbol with the written text, so sometimes just the text is good.

    If he’s not a “reader”, he still reads! So like a stop sign or a McD logo, he could learn to identify those words OH MAN or WHO FARTED? whatever boys say!

    Its an awesome time of year for communication!!! All the songs, he could choose which Christmas song he wants to hear or have sung next. He’ll be able to talk about his gifts… add funny stuff! “Well it wasn’t my fave but its better than new underwear!” If you have a photo album, having some comments for him to make while sharing it with relatives would be good. And not just statements, but questions too “WE WENT TO VIRGINIA BEACH TO SWIM.” “DID YOU EVER GO TO THE OCEAN?” “SADLY, NO SHARKS ATE MY SISTER.” omg can you imagine what a motivation it will be for him to have people laugh at what he is saying?

    And to that end, how about adding knock knock jokes? The setup is perfect for AAC, everyone knows how to respond w/o being taught or prompted. knock knock, who’s there? nacho. nacho who? nacho cheese so step away from the chips!

    As far as the academic, are they asking him to do stuff he has already done? If its boring of course he won’t want to do it. He’s not a robot or a mouse running through a maze having to prove what he knows. If he’s shown it, it needs to be accepted, not “oh lets have him do it again.”

    And as far as the therapist not being the most knowledgable or the school not being 100% behind the device… you have an IEP and associated rights… USE IT. What does the IEP say about AAC and speech? If the team feels its appropriate, then it should be written in there that the SLP has X hours of training on AAC. You sure wouldn’t accept a PT who had no knowledge of a kid in a powerchair would you? And to take it back a step even further, what drives an IEP? Data. Do you have a good evaluation to start with? Do you need to request an IEE? Esp if the current therapist isn’t that skilled, you need to look at the data. He spends a lot of hours at school, they need to buy into this process. They can’t choose to opt out. The amount of work your doing needs to be supported at school when he has all of his academic and peer to peer interactions!

    Sorry if this is rambling, but you’re doing a great job. Keep it up! I will bookmark your site and watch for an update 🙂

  53. Another game I try to play along the silly line is “can or can’t.” I used it to get Ben to practice the pattern for saying I can/I can’t, and then Can I/Can you. I ask him things like, can you eat ice cream? can you eat a shoe? can you ride a horse? can you ride an elephant? Can you ride a microwave? Can I play a game? Can I play a piano? Can I play a washing machine? Can a cat climb a tree? Can a horse climb a tree? Can a piano climb a tree? He would have to answer “I can” or “It can’t” or “You can’t” or whatever, instead of just yes or no. (Lots of hilarious laughter, even if faked, can help too.) Then the next step is to get him to ask you or someone else the can or can’t question. To go back to Elmo, you can watch the Elmo’s World section of Sesame Street and there’s a part where Elmo asks silly questions about whatever topic he was talking about that day. Or you could combine the talking puppet animal with one of the tv programs where the characters talk to the audience and wait for an answer, like Dora, or Blue’s Clue’s (our favorite) and pause the program when they do that and have the puppet converse with Nathan about the question and wait for him to answer with his talker. You may have to watch the program in advance to know what questions and answers are going to come up to make sure his talker can answer that. I don’t know exactly how the Dynovox’s are laid out, so this may not work at all. Just sharing a few things we have tried that work sometimes. Not all the time. 🙂

  54. I followed and left a tweet! Merry Christmas to you and your family and may God bless you all.

  55. By the way, Nathan is adorable. I love his hair! I really hope that you have success with your efforts here, and come up with some more ideas to further communication! I saw how he enjoyed Simon Says in the video. That (and eating snap peas?) was what he looked most engaged with. You can even play Simon says with the puppet (okay, I am sounding like a broken record!) and make him do silly things. Like a stuffed dog (another favorite at my house) can be told to sit, stay, lay down, eat, drink, chew, swallow, stop (doing something bad), run, go in circles, fall down, climb up, etc. I would use him as a tool to teach other useful pages though, not make up pages for that necessarily. Again, my lack of experience with the Dynovox is a hindrance here. This is kind of similar to the idea someone had with the virtual pet, which I thought sounded like a great idea.

  56. One last idea here, then I’ve got to work on my Christmas cards! Use a silly song like “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.” and pause at times to make him complete the line. EX: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a ___. . . etc. Or leave out the word “why,” or lady, whatever kinds of words you may be working on learning. Change it up to suit, like if lady isn’t a common word, choose woman, or man, or even an animal. Other silly songs – The itsy bitsy spider, the wheels on the bus, 10 little monkey’s jumping on the bed (that’s a great one! you can even change up what body part they hit, leg, arm, foot, nose, elbow, bottom, etc., and let him pick different parts as a way of exploring a body part page.) Or finger plays that he can “learn” even though he may not be able to manipulate his fingers exactly right. He can complete a sentence to see you do the motions. Or the puppet do the motions. Esp if he falls down trying to do them. (the puppet, of course.) You know, slapstick humor is big with little kids (and boys of all ages!). You can google or find books with finger plays and preschool songs.

  57. oh a good game is twister! you could have it so he has all the choices (“left foot red” “left foot blue” etc) or where he has to combine two selections (all the body parts and then all the colors) or even three combinations (left/right, hand/foot, then the colors). Or he can start with it one way and as his skills progress you can change it as he gets older. 🙂 He could play with a switch “spinning” the game piece or he could have someone else be the spinner and him be the caller.

    what sort of games do they play in school?

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  60. An idea I have is choosing which Christmas carols he may wish to hear considering the season.
    Jingle Bells
    Santa Clause is coming to town, etc
    No more than 4 choices.

  61. I always liked giving my little ones choices, so with that in mind, 4 activity choices: Sing songs, watch a video, read a story, or play tickle monster.

    poisonsix9 at g mail dot com

  62. One more idea for tonight, also activity choices: go outside, take a nap, have lunch, play a game.

    poisonsix9 at g mail dot com

  63. FINALLY had a chance to getting this posted on our blog.

  64. I’m not too familiar with these new techniques. However, I was thinking of doing something with a bouncing ball. You could put words and sounds to music , having a bouncing ball hover over each fror several seconds, in order that Nathan could learn and perhaps repeat.

    I loved reading all the progress with Nathan, and hope my idea might be a good one. We are dealing with our own little Emma, and perhaps this might herlp her as well.

  65. I’ve been doing some more thinking on this. Being that Nathan enjoys going to the mall, why not set something up where he gets to choose where in the mall you go first: the toy store, the book store, the food court to eat, see a movie, shop for _ (fill in person’s name) etc.

  66. Another idea if Nathan goes grocery shopping with you. Create a general grocery shopping list that might include milk, bread, eggs, veggies etc and as you get the items have him identify them on his list as if he is also checking them off himself.

  67. All siblings like to play together. Why not set up a list of activities that Nathan can choose from that he can do with Belle. Like sing a song, read a book, watch TV. play a game (pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo etc).

  68. Here is something that Timmy’s teacher is working on with him at school: matching the letter with objects that begin with that letter. Ex. A-apple, airplane, B-ball, boat etc.

    This also works with number to objects. Ex. 1-a picture of 1 car, 2-a picture of 2 balls

    Also setting up something in which Nathan learns to be able to recognize the letters in his first and last name.

  69. You recieved an overwhelming amount of replies. I don’t know if you have an assistive tech team where you are. In philly, we have CHOP hospital which offers an assistive tech team. When Emily was in preschool they also tried the Dynavox with her. They had told me by the time she actually learned the program they would be coming out with something even better. Emily’s eye gaze is right on point she just has an issue with keeping her eyes focused for three seconds. So that was preschool, yes her school was way overcrowed and the teacher barely spent any time with her. Now that she is in kindergarden, the difference is amazing, the teacher focuses on switch communication and spends a lot of time with Emily, she only has about 5 kids in her class. I know its hard to wait for things to come but stay focused on working with the dynavox with him and when he gets to kindergarden they will work with him there on it. It’s a whole different ball game when they reach the educational part of school.

  70. animals
    school words

  71. I don’t know much about the technology, so I don’t know if these ideas apply or not. Nor do I have a SN kiddo; however I work with them as an art therapist

    The art therapist in me is all about colors. learning colors, the color wheel, color mixing, etc.

  72. planning his menu… he gets to choose his own food! this can also be a great way for him to learn how to independently eat a healthy diet.

  73. what about a fill in the blank story? Pictures can be used to fill in the blank. Ie) T-rex as the picture.
    —- was bigger than all the other dinosaurs. as the sentence in the story.

  74. could he do coloring pages using this? if they were large blocks that he could look at to color? I don’t know if that would work on the Dynavox or not

  75. What a wonderful give-away! not only for Nathan’s benefit but many others!

    Idea: build block towers for him. Have him choose which color block goes next. and then of course give him the button to say “time to crash” and knock them down (or place them close enough for him to knock them down). And obviously, provide lot’s of “drama”/and fun when they fall. Then he get’s to practice again….. over and over.

    Practice…… one of the things our kids don’t get to do enough of.

  76. how about a visual schedule. the kids I work with depend on a schedule – or rather I depend on them using their schedule to make the day smoother!

  77. or a memory game. like those memory cards that you have to flip over and find the matching pair.

  78. learning to make patterns

  79. idea: I like to provide lot’s of opportunities to “comment” while reading books. “I like that” “read it again” “that’s funny” “I don’t like that” “wait, let me see the picture” “turn the page”

  80. an interactive calendar – you could have countdowns the the holidays, like an advent calendar!

  81. Put pictures of friends, family members, pets, teachers, etc. There can be different pages for each category, and then he can request people he would like to interact with! Plus, I hope he’ll really live the idea of seeing those pictures on his device. Dynavox does wonderful things and it’s awesome seeing Nathan using it! 🙂

  82. Any routines…bedtime, meals, bathroom, going to school, etc. Sequence of the things you have to do to complete these activities.

  83. idea: adding to the memory game suggestion, we started by having a “card” (picture, symbol, etc) on the left of the screen and then trying to find the match (out of 2 or 3) on the right side of the screen. With of course lot’s of “hoopla” when he’s correct. Take note of the things you say, like: wow, good job, you got it, oops, uh oh try again, almost.

    Then you have a turn (on the table with cards set up the same way as his were on his screen). Make sure he has the same types of comments available so he can tell you: wow, good job, you got it, oops, uh oh try again, almost.

  84. idea: my son enjoyed having a “guess what” button that led to a page of current events. We tried to have a “new news” button that had a current event on there each day. Some current events were as simple as “Mom was silly this morning” or “I have a new hat”.

  85. Makenzie has a book page and she loves it. We also added turn the page, lift the flap, and touch it for tactile books.

    We have the Vantage Lite by PR for Makenzie and it also will work anything with an infared control. Makenzie LOVES her Geo Trax airplane and her mommy loves that it is teaching her cause and effect. Not sure if your devise will work the same way but I bet it will.

    My idea for a page is a whole page dedicated to talking words such as Yes, no, I want, I don’t want, hurts, please, thank you, more, like, don’t like,……..

    Nathan is doing soooooooo well!!!!

  86. I tweeted this giveaway

  87. I posted this giveaway on facebook

  88. your website is on my blogroll

  89. idea: directing play: using some toys such as toy cars (eg. Fisher-Price Little People: Racin’ Ramps Garage) let him use his “talker” to tell you which color cars to put at the top of the ramp, “on your mark”, “get set”, “go”, “do it again”, “going up”, “going down”,”elevator”, “beep beep”, “look out!”, “uh oh”, “call the tow truck”, “I win”, “vroom”, “fast”, “that was cool”, “crash”.

    Make sure and model all of the things he can say, i.e. you say them frequently, you can also have your own set of “communication cards” that YOU use to emphasize what you are saying (i.e. pick up the “Wow” card, then the “Fast” card as you comment/play …. so he is seeing the “word/symbol” AND hearing you say it.

  90. One of the best things I ever did was to take a toy of my son’s (like the FP Racin’ Cars garage) to a daycare or a preschool and let a couple verbal kids play with it while I take notes about what they say…

    actually….. they say “mine” and “my turn” a lot. 🙂 but it did give me ideas of what was age appropriate language for my son. Actually, I also would look at kids a bit younger than him since his language was delayed (i.e. not necessarily expect him to be exactly at age level).

  91. We wanted to let you know we just posted your blog and giveaway on our families website
    and facebook page!/efamilytv.
    We hope it brings you at least a few more suggestions.

  92. Our son (Zak) loves playing a game on his iPad that matches animals with their sounds. If he had a choice of an animal and then had to match the sound that animal makes.
    It could even just be that he could choose an animal and then when he selects it, it says the animals name and makes the sound.
    This same game also allows him to choose from other categories like household sounds and transportation sounds.

  93. idea: Hide & Seek: find a way to hide something … hmmm…… how to describe this….. I’ll just tell you what we did. We had a favorite little mouse and I had collected 4 different color cups…… my son would close his eyes (peeking was secretly allowed as we learned the game) and I would hide the mouse under one of the cups. Then say “ready” and he would guess where the mouse was by indicating which color cup. We would take turns if there was another “assistant” around that could help him hide it from me. Again, giving him access to all the appropriate comments (eg. good job, try again, etc.). We eventually moved to turning him around so he REALLY couldn’t see, and also gradually added more colors.

  94. Also tweeted!

  95. I try to give my boys choices all the time, so I love your ideas all ready. I was thinking that you could do choices for what color to wear, or people he wants to see, we just discovered skype and my kids love to see their Grammy or cousin on the computer screen. I think everyone needs to express their feelings, so maybe have a feelings board. Happy, sad, excited, frustrated..etc. My kids also love to have me tell them stories about “when they were little”. You could have a memories board and he could pick which stories he wants you to tell him.

  96. idea: we also did another game…. you could call: Find Nathan …… we used it to build vocabulary and help practice finding things on the AAC device. So I made flashcards that replicated the “buttons” on the device (with the print word and the symbol) ….. and then I would hide a picture of my son under the flashcards…….. so he would need to tell me (i.e. find the word on his device for the flashcard he wanted me to look under) eg. “happy” to try and “Find Nathan” 🙂 This is a wonderful activity for PRACTICING finding words on the AAC device….. without just saying “show me yellow”.

  97. What about having a “touch time” where he could choose options like hold my hand, rub my left/right leg, hug me, kiss my cheek/forehead/eskimo kiss, massage my back/scalp, tickle me, sit closer to me.
    I don’t know really anything about Dynavox and I hope that this suggestion is plausible for you. Best of luck with all of the suggestions and God Bless you and your family 😀

    I’m reposting this on FB and Twitter…
    my Twitter addy is
    and my FB addy is

    Happy Holidays!

  98. idea: using Bingo Dauber markers, he can direct (i.e. choose the color) your coloring or your assistance in helping him place the dot.

    here’s an example of the printables you can use with the daubers:

    here’s the daubers (if you haven’t used them before) and if you scroll down you’ll find dauber color books:

  99. oops :/ ….. guess I’m getting tired. in the post above, I meant to say:
    “he can direct (i.e. choose the color) YOU’RE coloring or that YOU ARE helping him color with.”

  100. I’m also following you now on Twitter…can I just say that your Nathan is absolutely adorable!

    Take care 🙂

  101. maybe you can intoduce to him the alphabet and the sound of each letter then different facial expression.

  102. and also different color primary color first. and some nursery rhymes that is manipulative such as my toes my knees etc.

  103. Something where he gets to choose who he wants to play/interact with–from pictures or photos.

  104. • Tweet about this giveaway (once per day, please). Here’s a tweet: Win ax XBOX Kinect from @prayfornathan, ends 12/17,

    tweetin this awesome contest!

  105. • Announce this contest as your facebook status for your friends to participate

    shared this contest!

  106. I didn’t have time to read all of the ideas, the ones I did read were great!! I have been thinking of a Dynavox for my friend who has autism and love the ideas!

    My friend has MANY physical problems (gastrointestinal, migraines) and would benefit greatly from being able to tell what hurts. That is my idea for you. Is there a way to tell you what hurts when he is sick?

    I look forward to reading more of your blog. I am an Early Intervention Developmental Specialist and try to learn something new every day to help my kids. Thank you for writing!

  107. Oh my, what FUN!! OK I am going to think long and hard on this as if it was for my son Easton. I cant even Imagine the fun that he would have with this. We would want games, not that we would have helpful boards as well but it seems that we are lacking in the “play” area. So here I go….
    My first idea would be a silly story board where he could have different beginnings and middles and endings of story’s. As in one beginning could be “Once upon a time” a middle “there was a tiny cow that” an ending “spilled a glass of milk all over the moon”. Or it another one could be “A long long time ago” “there was a little boy who” “sang and danced in till he fell asleep”

    I hope that made sense… I understand what I am thinking, but I’m not sure if it reads the same way I would explain it. Point is he could tell funny “stories” that could be switched up to make all kinds.

  108. Daily Tweet!/poisonsix9/status/15411289337630720

    poisonsix9 at g mail dot com

  109. I would think a board for basic needs like Drink, Food, etc, or even a favorites like his favorite food or favorite drink or toy.

  110. Have you tried posting a link on Dynavox’s FB page? They’ve got a lot of followers who likely have quite a bit of experience with what you’re looking for…. Good luck!! 🙂

  111. What about choices of how he is feeling, sleepy, happy, thirsty, hungry, sad, sick, or one that identifies body parts so if something hurts, he can tell you what hurts or where he doesn’t feel well if something is bothering him. (ie: ear, tummy, etc.)
    Also, maybe choices for his favorite snacks or foods, colors, alphabet, etc.

  112. The planets, the Universe, astronomy.

  113. OK, here are some we do with my daughter. She uses auditory scanning to access her Dynavox, but they should still work:

    *Red Light Green Light
    *Two preprogrammed book pages for Brown Bear, Brown Bear and When I Went Walking (stories with repetitive phrases)
    *Karuna Says (like your Simon Says but from her perspective with things like kisses)
    *Massage Me-she chooses massage, vibration, or brushing and then picks a body part apply it to
    *Art Page: her choices are “I Need” (crayons, glue, paper, scissors), “Pick a Color,” and “Pick a Shape”
    *Musical instrument page (bells, tambourine, etc.)
    *TV page–she turns the TV on and off with her device, turns the volume up and down, or can choose 3 preprogrammed channels
    *Robot page–this uses a mini robot with an infrared remote ( — she can make it go
    *Singing page – she loves to hear me sing, so this has 5 songs she loves that she can choose from
    *Jokes page–she loves loves loves this! Add a laugh-track button for fun as well
    *Funny comments page: I like that, That’s funny, my brother is bugging me (she says this ALL the time), that’s yucky
    *Hello/goodbye pages with funny phrases like “See you later alligator” or “Hi, I’m Karuna, but you can call me princess”
    *Favorite things page
    *Move me page (Stop, go, go faster, spin me around)

    That’s most of the fun stuff! We also have a lot of school-related (letters, numbers, days, months, patterns, weather, holidays, seasons, etc.) and medical pages.

  114. Since he is only four and still learning at this age I would do boards that are silly and fun. One would be something like building a Mr. Potato head where he gets to pick the parts out to go on it so he can immediately see what he is doing as he is choosing the piece. Make it silly. Another would be to have cooking time with each other where you could have a few blocks to say stir, give me a taste (if he can eat), or let me lick the spoon, time to bake, etc. I would also try to do something fun around bathtime-like I want to color on the wall/tub with the color makers for tubs, want some bubbles, let’s splash, etc. The more fun you make things at this age the more they will use the device and learn in the same way. You can even get the books in stores where there are different animals that you can rub to feel different textures and program a page for this like rub the duck’s beak, feel the dogs stomach, but when you read you must add some fun/silly things to it to keep their attention at this age. Once you get him where he can see the cause and effect technique then you can continue to build from that-you can get the UNO attach game and have family night and when it gets to him he can say press the button and you never know how many cards are going to spit out. Good Luck and Merry Christmas

  115. Nanette Bess says

    One idea I have used with my students is to make pages that allow them to personally complete or design something. This can help with sequencing and creativity. Also vocabulary development.
    For instance: Design a page so he can have a friend stack the different colored rings on a stacker. “put on the orange one” “take off the green one” , etc.
    Now, that may be to simple for him, so adapt this idea to these activities:
    Making pudding
    Putting Mr. Potatoe Head together
    Making a Lego creation
    Building a train track or hot wheels track
    And for Christmas: Wrapping a present to a relative! “I want the Disney paper” “Put a red bow on top”.
    Hope this helps! I will add more later. I have had four Dynavox users on my caseload through the years and my most recent is using VMax with Eye Gaze! So I am learning a lot from your son’s blog , too! Tell Nathan that he is helping me teach a 3 yr. old boy new things on his EyeMax!!
    Nanette Bess MA/CCC SLP-ATP

  116. Ron Miller says

    Have to recommend what I know best: Sports. Football, Baseball, boxing boxes, and it could even be taken further, say entering a sport like football, different boxes for different teams or positions like Quarterback.

  117. Ron Miller says

    Follow PrayforNathan on Twitter (@sweepstaking)

  118. Ron Miller says
  119. Ron Miller says

    Placed a link from website to on the left margin, in the blogroll area of

  120. Ron Miller says
  121. What about a board with which he could match up animal sounds with a picture of each animal?

  122. What about clothes? Maybe one where he could match up different items of clothing to an image of a person — socks to feet, shirt to torso, hat to head, etc.

  123. Hi Marcela,
    I want to be part of the contest and help Nathan as well. My son does not have this kind of device yet. I was only able to read a few of the entries. They all are fantastic!
    I don’t know if someone already suggested this.

    I know how Nathan loves movies, he must be so knowledgeable about all of Disney characters.
    Create a conversation with him about the characters. Which one is your favorite?
    Why is this character your favorite?
    Teach him the vocabulary to have a simple conversation about the movie. That was silly!,
    That was mean.
    Nathan has many friends his age use what they would say to create the conversation and read it with Nathan.

    The goal is for Nathan to learn to express himself, learn to read, learn to write using the device.

    Good luck to everyone!

  124. Jillian Levy says

    let him pick what to wear!
    picking colors of clothes, or characters on shirts or pjs?

    letting nathan pick what song to sing in the car?

  125. Kathy Mendoza says


    I had a couple more ideas. How about a greeting page with Hi how are you? Nice to meet you. My name is Nathan. See you soon. Goodbye. etc.

    An equipment page saying I want to use my stander. I want to ride my bike. I want to use my walker. I need my wheelchair. etc

    How about a page where he asks questions to other people. Like what’s your name? How old are you? What’s your favorite show? What games do you like to play?

    A pet page. I have a dog named, he likes to play catch, he likes to take walks with me, he barks a lot,etc.

    Another page that has been helpful for us is an attention page. Like please look at me. Look! Hey! I need a hug. I want mommy. I want daddy. I have four kids so this page has been helpful when Anthony wants attention.

    Another one he uses a lot is stop, quit, don’t, I dont want to play any more, all done, I am tired. Anthony used to get very frustrated with his siblings but instead of hitting he now has an outlet and it has reduced his tantrums.
    It’s amazing how just having access to a couple of words can change a child’s behavior

    You could also make a vehicle page like airplane, train, car and maybe link it to the vacations you’ve taken Like I went to New York in an airplane and so on. Thanks so much for this giveaway. I will be reading all the ideas you have gotten and creating some more pages for my little one. Thanks for sharing.


  126. hmm, I would’ve helped even if there wasn’t a kinect giveaway! But it’s extremely cool that you’re offering this as an incentive and hopefully it’ll drive more new comments from people who typically are lurkers. (Like me!) Haha.

    Every kid wants to be “normal”— I worked with a teen who had Down syndrome and his speech wasn’t so clear so he had a talking device…. I added some boards to his device. They included fun phrases that are “in”- such as “hey!” “What’s up?’ “What’s happening?” “Howcha doing?” “How’s it going?” “Hola amigo!” (easier to understand if it’s done in a spanish accent voice but amigo is a word so many people know, so it’s not entirely necessary.) “I’m chilling” “I’m bored!” “totally awesome!” … whatever may be appropriate or “fun”- he most likely doesn’t want to sound like some prim proper man saying “Hello. How are you today?” – he wants to sound like a kid! 🙂

    …also think of how a conversation might go- hello, how are you, person replies with an emotion, you reply to that by saying something like “Oh I’m sorry” or “i’m fantastic!” “fabulous” “good” “bad” etc, and then maybe you’d ask the person what they did that day… so try to think of how a conversation may go and add boards for that.

    And- friend-type stuff, like “What’s your favorite food?” “I like that too!” “What is your favorite colour?” “Mine is (color)”

    Also helpful: I’d like more…. ____ (food type, i.e cheese chips, applesauce) and you could always add “please” so he doesnt have to look at the “please” after already asking for more+food….. and that way it’s subconsciously teaching him manners! haha, never hurts! i.e one button for “I’d like more” then another for “water please.”

    Also, songs can be fun…. especially if they’re parts of a song, so he can join in but not do the whole song. It doesn’t really matter that the song isn’t on pitch, it means a LOT just to be able to talk. I should know- I have a speech impairment too! (Although I don’t use a speech device, I use sign, but have used some amateur speech devices and loved them!)

    What about a goodnight routine, such as “I love you!” “one more hug” “kisses!” or “Good morning”

  127. Ron Miller says
  128. *Options for getting dressed in the morning: Pants, shirt, etc.

    *Many more instruction boards: Steps for putting on clothes, toileting, etc. to give him ownership of the processes

    Anything to get you started on academic tasks, like:

    *Colors and words



  129. How about time schedules like what he wants to do and when.

  130. You can choose to do what to wear today

  131. Who are my favorite people and I also facebooked about this.

  132. I tweeted this and blogged about it

    But you could do favortite cartoon charcters

  133. Stars moon sun different things outside at night

  134. where does he like to go like what does he like to see at disney and what he likes to eat there

  135. What at grandmas does he like to do and where

  136. Favorite animals, people, toys etc

  137. had my kids post it on facebook

  138. Shared on Facebook

  139. Eugene Watson says


  140. Eugene Watson says

    excercizse choices

  141. Eugene Watson says

    tweeted it

  142. Eugene Watson says

    dr seuss stories

  143. Eugene Watson says

    different seasons

  144. Eugene Watson says

    blooged about it

  145. Ron Miller says
  146. 1. look for activities both Nathan and Belle would like to play, we love UNO-there’s a Thomas and Friends version that’s simplified for kids. Will teach colors and numbers. UNO moo is a good one too. So, the page would have the items on the cards, comments (UNO! I beat you! No fair!) requests (I need another card, your/my turn).
    2. The sequence kids game is a lot of fun, and helps identify animals. . . I ask kids where they live, colors, etc. Would be fairly simple to program there.
    3. You can’t do too much reading of books, use those bookreader pages and have him read to you!
    4. Since Christmas is coming soon, program a page for present-opening/Christmas morning and dinner.
    5. I’ve programmed pages for kids that are related to toys (like a barn with animals) and actions and putting sentences together like (the cow jumps on the barn) and then doing it is a lot of fun.

  147. Ron Miller says
  148. Jennifer Craft says

    I would create a page that has all his family members and friends, people that he sees on a regular basis and then have some simple greetings such as hi, bye, and simple questions, How are you?, etc. So he could input hi ______________ to use as an appropriate greeting.

    You could also use it for expressing feelings
    I’m tired, I’m frustrated, etc.

  149. Hide and seek page: it’s a way to learn about names of room’s, possessive’s (i.e. my room, mom’s room, etc.) give him things to say like:
    *where are you?
    *i’m looking for you?
    *let’s look in the bedroom
    *let’s look in the kitchen
    *I see you
    *my turn to hide

  150. Dress up: have a treasure box of costume type stuff, let him pick what he where’s and what you where. If dressing is “tiring” you can leave him in sitting, and split costumes down the back so easy to put on/off. Of course, you’ll need a big mirror, and lot’s of accessories. hats, jewelry, sunglasses, wigs, maybe masks, boots, shoes, scarves, pirate patch, etc, etc. And he’ll need words to describe things.

  151. hmmm……. also a way to make the “dress-up” game easier to start with is have “colored landing spots” so that he can just use colors to choose. i.e. a red poster board, yellow poster board, blue poster board, etc. Then lay options to choose from ON the posterboard (eg. lay pirate patch on the red board, a gold crown on the blue board and ummm… maybe a superman shirt on the red board…….. then he just chooses by saying I want the “red choice”. This could be done using foam boards that could be propped up and have 3M hooks on them so that you can hang things on them and he can see them easier.

  152. oh my goodness……. I hate typo’s and spelling errors!! wears/wear…… NOT where’s/where. 🙂

  153. Ron Miller says
  154. A telephone page to call friends or family.

  155. Sequence a story or even more exciting a real life event. i.e. something that happened last night, for example. Set up buttons from left to right across page with pictures, or if you want to add a “quick” story without picts/symbols …. you can just use numbers. After you him the “story” if it’s arranged sequentially across the page, he won’t need picts.
    Example: #1: mom was cooking supper #2: she was making spagetti and garlic bread #3: she put the garlic bread in the oven #4: someone rang the doorbell #5: mom answered the door, it was a girl scout selling cookies #6: There was a loud noise, it scared me #7: it was the smoke alarm #10 yuk!! #11 I ran the fan with a switch to help blow the smoke out of the house!! #12 It was a crazy night!

  156. again….. wish I could edit my messages after I post them! meant to say #10 yuk, black bread!!

  157. Heather Wostrel says

    Emotions are a big thing that need to be taught and what to do to calm down. You could have a color meter or the different faces meter that he’s able to learn and recognize his own emotions. Also set up a routine of how to calm down whether it be counting or a breathing exercise symbolized by pictures.

  158. kristen lazuka says

    Ok. Have not read all entries but the kids I know and love work best when the pages are funny! My patient plays a self envented \Mad LIBS’ game with her friends at school. We give the sentence stucture and allow the kids to fill in the blanks with funny word choices! It is so motivating! Can be modified for all levels! decrease to \Daddy is_____! choices a purple cow…or a stinky duck…etc!

  159. Not sure if this is mentioned, but a “feelings” board. Either emotional feelings (sad, angry, bored) but maybe also if he isn’t himself (tummy ache, head ache, ear ache, etc).

    I hope this helps him!! My 4 year old is non-verbal autistic and he has used less sophisticated devices to learn how to use words.

  160. Jo Anne Schreiber says

    Ashley really started talking when I started having typical conversations with her. Asking open ended questions. Like “What do you like to eat?” It showed I was interested in her. Just like we like to have questions asked of us. What is you favorite color? What part of your workout do you want to do next? How are you feeling today?
    He looks great in the videos. He is so cute and growing up so fast.
    Good luck,

  161. Tami Skarin says

    I would be happy to send you a number of pages that we have created for our residents. I am the Treatment Services Director for the Speech Comm. Dept. at a 300 bed state facility. I am an SLP. Most of our residents have severe communication impairments and I think we’ve purchased about 15 new Vmax/Eye Gaze systems this past year. We set up a general user and then as we get new devices we start with a large number of page sets. And then personalize. I would be really happy to send you one of our users sets so you can see what we’ve added. Have you looked into the robots that can be controlled with the VMax as a remote? There is software you can get (I think it was RJ Cooper co.) The robots are under $100 and stand 24″ tall or so. We put on a lot of sound effects with pictures, and that seems to be more motivational.

    I would love to visit with you and discuss some ideas. You can feel free to email me at

    I looked at a few of the clips on your site, your little boy is adorable. It is so great he is learning to use the device at this age!!!

    Hope to visit again,


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