Nathan is having…

…a HEALTHY BABY SISTER!!! Meet Isabelle Tara!

Thanks for taking the poll! You guys were right! 62% voted that Nathan was having a sister! It was fun!


  1. Marce!!

    Muchas felicidades !! Que rico una nena!
    Te felicito tambien por tu hermosa familia y por ese nene tan HERMOSO que tienes!


  2. Toldja! 🙂 Congrats Marcela!

  3. Oh no her name is not that she is Isabella Joy or Serenity Joy remember lol no I will forgive you but the next is me lol. Congrats look at my sweet little girl. Time to go shopping. lol

  4. She looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! And very active!!!

  5. hooray!
    I am so excited for you, Nathan and Owen.

  6. Laura Matos says

    Congrats!!! So happy for you all!

  7. awww congrats!!!!

  8. Thanks everyone, we are so happy. I was really nervous when I went into the appointment, but the doctor was so pleased, he said everything looked absolutely perfect in her anatomy! It was really sweet, she was moving around and then she got the hiccups, it was cute to watch. Her brain is divided already into two hemispheres and looks perfect for her age. It’s been the most fantastic day!

  9. ¡¡¡felicidades!!!maravillosa noticia,se ve hermosa y muy inquieta,de verdad es una grán alegria, es una bendición la llegada de Isabelle a sus vidas,son una linda familia ahora Nathan debe estar muy contento por su hermanita menor,felicitaciones a Owen,Marcela y en especial a Nathan por la llegada de esta linda princesa!!!!

  10. Congratulations Marcela. How exciting for you guys. Thinking of you both.

  11. congrats ! Nathan is going to such a wonderful big brother !

  12. Felicidades por Isabella, se ve muy entusiasmada en la ecografía, sabía que la estaban mirando y quizo posar de la mejor manera, ahora ya son un equipo equitativo, 2 reinas y 2 reyes, fantastico, Nathan, será el mas contento con su hermanita!!!!.

  13. YAY!! Congratulations!! You’re going to love having a girl. 🙂

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