I may not be many things, but there is one thing I am – PERSISTENT. I have a hard time giving up. Where I see potential, I see opportunity. Where I see opportunity, I see the need for extra effort. Where I see the need for effort, I give it all I’ve got.

So a couple of days ago I was ruminating about our experiences and realized, wow, we have tried so many different things with Nathan. So I figured – why not compile the list?

So here it is!

* IMOT – 3 rounds of 3 weeks each
* Stem Cells – 3 shots
* HBOT – 50 dives in a hard chamber
* mHBOT – about 100 dives in a soft chamber at 1.3 ATA
* G-therapy
* Cold laser therapy
* Reflex Integration
* Reach (derived from IAHP) – 6 months of intensive program
* IAHP – 3 months of intensive program
* Vital Stim
* Aqua Therapy
* Hippotherapy
* Brain Powder
* Chiropractic
* NAET allergy elimination
* Acupuncture
* Brain tuners
* Reiki
* Treadmill therapy
* Homeopathy
* DAN protocol
* mB12 shots
* Glutathione shots
* Intensive supplementation (wide variety of supplements)
* Cuevas Medek Exercises
* Anat Baniel Method
* Feldenkrais
* Tomatis
* Music therapy
* Rolfing
* Massage therapy
* Chinese Herbs
* Osteopathy
* Craniosacral
* Theratogs
* BodyTalk
* MudPacking

Some of these we only tried a few times, others for many months.

I’ve been told that I may be overloaded with persistence but that I lack consistency. Perhaps they are right. But the enemy of consistency is sustainability, if you do not choose wisely. And most of the times I chose things that were not sustainable within the parameters of our lifestyle. Which then led to a lack of sustainability.

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I’d stuck with a few of these. Where would Nathan be today? I know that at every step of the way I did what I thought was best. But maybe my best just wasn’t good enough, because I didn’t give some of these therapies enough time?

We’re about 2 months shy of having maintained a consistent schedule. For almost 1 year we have been doing the following therapies sustainably:

* CME (at home, with one intensive with Azriel)
* ABR (2 hours / day)
* Cold Laser therapy (45 min’s / day)
* Feldenkrais / ABM (at first we did a few intensives, now we’ve settled into 2 lessons / week)
* Rolfing
* Hippotherapy
* Music therapy
* Speech therapy (Dynavox training)
* Supplements
* Chiropractic
* Homeopathy

This routine seemed to be working so well until a few months ago. His body was getting looser. He learned to walk in a Pony walker. He started sitting when placed in a sitting position for longer and longer periods of time. He started gaining mastery over the Dynavox.

But as of November of 2010, we’ve started another period of low immunity. He’s been sick every other week or so for the last 4 months. We have been working with our regular team to figure out why this is happening but unfortunately we have not been successful in helping him overcome whatever’s affecting his immune system. Hopefully we can figure this out so he can continue with his physical development.

And going back to the original point of this post. What do I think of all of the therapies we’ve tried?

I think there is merit to all of them. They each have their benefits. However, if I could sum what I’ve learned in the last 4.5 years into one word, I’d choose: SUSTAINABLE.

Any therapy can work if it is done sustainably and with enough intensity. Of course I think the degree of brain injury affects which therapies would work most effectively. But I believe that whatever we pick has to be sustainable for it to have a significant impact over time.

So yes, we need persistence – especially when we do not see immediate results. But we also need the wisdom to choose what is sustainable because our children need extra repetitions of everything, over extended periods of time.

I wish I’d known this when I started this journey.


  1. Sustainablity is the key. Maxx has been doing the same routine: NDI (Lisa), CME, hippo, now aquatic and ABM for the past 4 years and its gotten us quite far. A shake up every once in a while is good to add a new dynamic but our theory is that if we don’t see a result after 6 weeks be it positive or negative, we will stop. Luv you guys

  2. Hi marcela.
    I was trying to send Suzy’s teacher the page you have on iPad Aps; but this is what the page sais:

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