Update on Belle

I’ve had a few people calling and emailing wanting to know how things went at my appointment with the perinatologist.  The news was…interesting.

The doctor reaffirmed me that her brain looks normal and her anatomy and organs all look great.

However, he did see some white spots in her heart, called echogenic foci spots, which are calcium deposits.  He said that this is one of the soft markers for Down Syndrome.  He showed me a chart and based on my age and other indicators, there is a 1/250 chance that Belle might have Down Syndrome.

He offered me the chance of having an amniocentesis which would give us more definite results, but so far I do not think I will have one.  There is a risk of miscarriage with the amnio, and since the results won’t change anything, it doesn’t seem to be worth the risk.

I am at perfect peace and not one bit upset or worried.  If this is who Belle is meant to be, I welcome her with open arms and loving heart.  Nathan has taught me that every human being, despite their limitations, is special and can bring so much joy to the world. So as a seasoned mother warrior, I have no fear.

There is still a chance that everything is perfect and that Belle doesn’t have any problems, so I am going to stick to Owen’s theory of, “If it’s not a certainty why stress?  I’ll only worry when I have to”.  And even if she is born with Down Syndrome, I don’t feel like I need to stress about that, I know she will be alive and happy and here and my daughter.


  1. Sally Fraley says

    they aren’t always right and it’s that dr’s job to prepare you for ‘anything’. so we pray for Nathan and Belle.

  2. Marcela

    If all the Dr. say was calcium deposits on the heart, if I were you I wouldn’t worry too much. The majority of babies born with DS have \major\ heart defects and other problems. Early in your pregnancy did you have the triple screen done, which would have checked for DS??? How did the fold on the back of the baby’s neck measure during your 20 week or so ultrasound? Just curious.

    When I was pregnant with Emily they saw fluid in her bowel which is a marker for cystic fibrosis. I was tested and neither of us had it.

    Timmy has DS and he is JUST as loving as Nathan or any other child! Despite his other medical issues. And just as bright!

    Remember ultrasounds are \just a tool\ they can’t and don’t always tell the full \true\ story.


    Oh yeah, yes the Gender test results match the baby’s heart rate. The heart rate has been 152 and 159. So we shall see.

  3. We had our talk last night sister, but I want you to know that when Brandon was in the womb they did 4d and regular sonagrams and never did they see any brain damage. So like your other friend said they could be wrong. But regardless it dosent matter because you are special and that is what is meant to be that is what is meant to be. I love you and I love Nathan and Belle and everything will be ok I know it. PRAY FOR BELLE AND NATHAN always!!!!

  4. Hey Marcela,
    Got your voicemail and would love to chat sometime. Don’t know if I have your number, so I will email you with mine.

    About this post, not that I EVER doubt your sincerity (you are one of the most sincere people I know) but I hope what you wrote about your feelings is true and not that “best foot forward” thing that many (including me) but on our blogs from time to time. Because it is true. She is and will be wonderful and well loved, no matter what.

    By the way, I just took a peek at the baby ticker and noticed today (25wks 3days) is the day Fletcher was delivered. Can you imagine? He is doing great, by the way.

    Take care and hopefully we’ll catch up soon.

    Love ya.

  5. I’m with you–no worries til you have to!

    I really do feel you on this one–Belle will be good one way or another. After all you’ve learned with Nathan, I imagine you could handle just about anything.

  6. I was sent this way to pray for Nathan from MckMama. I happened to scan thru some of your older posts and saw this one. I know you said you’re fine one way or another, and that’s awesome…but just to add a bit more encouragement, my son had an ecogenic foci on his heart and he is fine. I, too, declined any further testing because \he would be what he would be.\ I did not want to chance a spontaneous abortion…God already knew the outcome, we just trusted Him. So, when my son was born, … he was healthy, no problems whatsoever. When I spoke to the midwife about the spot, she said that there were no other indications but that over the past few years they had noticed that those with a spot on the heart have an increased chance for DS. But in her experience, none have had DS. Out of the 5 women working in her office, 3 have had a baby with a spot and all have been fine. So again, just to throw a little reassurance your way, if all of Belle’s other measurements were normal, I’d take a guess and say Little Miss is fine 🙂
    Praying for Nathan’s Head Control!

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