Up in the Air

Things are still very much up in the air for us, in so many ways.  Nathan hasn’t been to school in close to 2 months.  After his nurse showed up at school and was told she was not allowed to be with him, we pulled him out and have been talking with our lawyer about how we can get Nathan back to school safely.  It’s heartbreaking as I know how much he loves it, and I know how much he wants to go back.   We are now in the legal process and waiting to hear how this whole thing will work out.  In the meantime, now that we’re past the worst of the surgery, I am going back to putting our story together and reaching out to the media.

His therapies are also up in the air.  Once the cast comes off, we have to start intense physical therapy so he can gain functional use again of the new range of motion that he gained with surgery.  I am so hopeful!  This was such a horrible experience, I do hope it’ll be worth it in the end.

Everything feels so unsettled now, between the school, still working on the house, his therapies.  In the meantime, he is starting to feel better.  When I look him in the eyes I see a sparkle.  He is back to himself.  As of today we’ve drastically reduced the dose of oxycodone and he seems to be feeling good.

I’m not sure I like blogging about just every day things, I’ll maybe try and create an editorial calendar and write about specific topics, see how that goes.


  1. So, so, so glad he is feeling better! He had us all worried. Prayer works!

    If you are taking suggestions on specific topics, I’d love to hear more about Nathan and his Dynavox activities. Emma is starting to engage so much more on her Eco2 and I’m looking for suggestions on how to teach reading skills. Thanks!

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