10 things about me…

I’ve seen these posts around the web and generally enjoy reading them. It’s where the writer shares 10 random things about their life. So here goes mine:

* I am an avid reader. If I start reading a good book I cannot stop until I finish it. I once went to Catalina Island and spent most of the time reading Twilight!

* I was once an athlete! I played water polo in college (as a goalie) and enjoyed playing tennis, soccer, and water polor in high school. I miss being part of a team.

* I sometimes pre-chew Nathan’s food. If we are at a restaurant and I cant’ find anything soft and I don’t have his food with me and I don’t have a blender, I chew the food then give it to him. Gross, I know.

* When I was a child I dreamt of living in a ranch with 20 dogs and 10 kids.

* I am half Italian and half Colombian. Drama runs through my veins.

* I was a tomboy as a kid and could beat any boy in a fight.

* I snore

* I enjoy being away from home more than I enjoy being home.

* I want another baby!

* I’ve only dyed my hair once, and it was the most awful shade of bleached blonde imaginable. Never again.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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