Sleepless in Santiago

Another night, another sleepless night. It seems the pattern of my days in Santiago revolves around sleepless nights and oblivious mornings. Currently it feels like Santiago has it in for me – infections, cold, allergies, sleeplessness. But I am a mother warrior. I refuse to give up. I will fight for Nathan, I will fight Santiago’s evil tentacles to give Nathan a chance for mobility. With the help of our lovely new friends we will make it.

Tonight Owen was putting Nathan to bed, ritual which includes pijamas, tooth brushing, lots of laughter, and drinking water, when I hear Owen scream in panic “Oh my God Marcela com here”. My heart stopped and in that instant I thought, he stopped breathing, he’s having a seizure, he vomited everywhere … In 1/2 second I was in the room to find Owen holding a broken water glass. Apparently my son Jaws chomped on the glass and broke off a piece of it. Fortunately it fell right off and didn’t splinter and all was well. Ah, a life in Nathan Dorje’s life – never boring.

So in my sleeplessness I’ve been thinking about how to make this blog more fun, more appearling, more informative. I was inspired by Amber over at She recently reorganized her blog and created daily columns, so she has a predetermined theme for the day. I think that’s a fantastic idea. Here’s what I came up with:

Alt Health Monday
Adaptive Tuesday
WayBack & Wordless Wednesday
Eye on Therapy Thursday
Chit Chat Friday

What do you guys think? Any other ideas/suggestions? Of course if there are things happening that I want to talk about specific to the moment, I will tack that on or write a separate post. But maybe these are just the ramblings of an insomniac?


  1. sounds like an awesome idea. I love reading your blog:) I am impressed by Nathan’s strength! Its hard to break glass with your teeth. He is a very strong boy!

  2. Hi Carla, I’m glad you like the ideas! I’m going to start with the new format today. I love your noodle ideas, I’m gonna try out a few of them myself! Your little man mis GORGEOUS and he seems to be coming along so well!!!

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