1st day of Reach Program

Today was a bit rough. We tried starting the full Reach program but couldn’t get ourselves together. We only did 2 full sessions, and we were supposed to do 6. Part of the problem is I double-booked PT, so he had 2 PT appointments and one OT, so he really did 4 hours of therapy, including the 2 sessions. I am so proud of him for having done this. But I have to get better organized if we are going to implement this program successfully.

Highlight: Nathan figured out real quick that the motions we were practicing in patterning are the same motions for getting himself down the Incline Plane. The first time, on Friday, he just layed there, without moving. Then in the morning he kicked a little and slowly moved his way down, and by the last time today, he was kicking and moving his arms to get down the plane! The motions were quite awkward, but it’s just the beginning 🙂

The tough part was that Nathan cried through the entire patterning series. He was not happy about having his limbs moved without his consent.

I am going to try to upload Elmo to my Ipod and get him to listen to elmo while we do the patterning, it’s the only thing I can think of.

He LOVED everything else, especially the flash cards.

I promiste tommorrow I will put up videos.

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