2nd day of Reach

Today we had a similar experience as yesterday. We only got through 2 patterning sessions. During the first one, he cried and cried, it was heartwrenching. I had to go away afterwards and meditate and really get my mind straight.

For the second one, I talked and talked to him. I explained why we were putting him through this. I told him I loved him and just want to help him. I tried to set a really good intention and peaceful heart. It worked! During this session he complained but didn’t cry – I even got him to laugh at one point! So things are looking up a bit.

In the end, sesame street and the IPOD didn’t help, but good old fashioned love and respect was the key.

I think the new movements and exercises are wiping him out. He is sleeping more and by evening is exhausted. He went to sleep at 7:20 pm today, which is highly unusual, usually he goes to bed at 8:30pm.

I hope tommorrow we can fit more sessions in, right now I am wondering how we are going to ever get through 6 sessions!

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