3 months and more

Today, Max is 3 months pre-old (since he’s not yet born). I am ecstatic that we’ve made it this far! Max and I have had some exciting times together – from being told that he wasn’t alive, to making it through several infections and a ton of morning sickness! I can tell we’re gonna have some fun times when he’s finally born. And no, I don’t know for sure if Max is a boy, but – for the moment’s sake – we’ll call him Max. I have an appointment next week for a Level 2 ultrasound – and I’m told they’ll be able to tell us then if we’re having a boy or a girl! So watch for the announcement a week from today. During the last checkup about a week ago, the doctor said Max looks fantastic so far – everything measures just right. I’m just grateful we’ve made it this far!

On other news…we went to see a broncho-pulmonary specialist today who told us Nathan initially got a cold which led to ashtma and bronchitis and which has been irritated by allergies. He gave us allergy meds since we already have his inhaler and he thinks that should make him well in a few days!

He finally went back to Medek this morning. He did well! It’s his first time back in a week and I was nervous, but Ramon said he did fantastic. We had to stay outside because he was whiney when we were there, but worked harder when we weren’t in the room – thus no pics or videos. But in general he was quite happy with his response today. For the first time I felt Nathan’s strength come back and for most of the afternoon he was holding his head and trunk up well! At the mall afterwards he saw some kids playing and he stood up completely straight, supporting himself fully, and it was like he was dying to run after them. I told him he would one day if he kept working hard in this therapy, and he smiled at me and kept on screeching at them and wanting to play. I am hopeful!

We had a funny incident last night. I was a bit homesick so we went to the mall across the street to the taco bell. We went late and I was starving and finally I got my crunchwrap supreme. Just as I was eating a few bites, Owen accidentally bumped Nathan, who got hysterical, and barfed all over me and my crunchwrap! We ran back home so I went to bed with an empty belly and still dying for a crunchwrap. You can imagine my face running through the mall with a half naked Nathan and barf all over me. It was ne of those moments.

So here we are. Into the 2nd trimester. Back in therapy. But Owen is leaving tomorrow so it’s our dark cloud. Nathan is going to be devastated – he’s been attached at the hip to his dad for the last 2 weeks. We don’t know when we’ll be home (it all depends on how Nathan does in therapy), but we have some good times to look forward to – and hopefully a lot of progress for the monkey.

I picked up Nathan’s cold and am slightly miserable but promise to not disappear completely in the next few days 🙂


  1. marcela:
    me alegro de que estes bien y esperanzada con el nuevo retoño que viene en camino, pero que pena que Nathan ha estado enfermo lo extrañamos mucho cuando no va al jardin cuando vuelve ??, estoy tan contenta con los avances que he notado en él ……….el otro dia quedé maravillada al verlo pintar y tratar de explorarlo todo con sus manitos…..
    espero verlos pronto un

  2. Hola Tia Pao, que rico oir de ti, hoy fuimos a llevar al Nathan al doctor por eso no fue al jardin, pero la respuesta fue super positiva – solo alergias – asi que manana tienes a tu regalon en tus brazos en la escuelita! Hoy vio a un nino en la calle con un uniforme parecido y se emociono muchisimo, se que le hacen falta todos cuando no va a la escuela! Hoy hizo su terapia muy bien y lo note super fuerte asi que si Dios quiere vas a seguir viendo muchos avances! Un abrazo, manana nos vemos!

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