Thank you so much for everyone who called, emailed, txt’ed, or Facebooked me Happy Birthday wishes. It meant a lot! You guys are awesome!

31 years, a wandering soul, a need for adventure, a will to fight.

My 31rd birthday gift was to find my ROAR. That ROAR that I had lost. That ROAR that defines me, that indomitable roaming dreamers nature that palpitates at my core.

Today I stand before you renewed. The fight is back in me. The will to suck the marrow. The energy to take life by the horns and ride the rainbow. Thanks to all of you who have stood by me, given me strength, support, lending an ear, whispering quiet encouragement.




  1. OK so where are some picture of the Birthday girl? LOL I do love seeing pics of Bella, she getting so big, I think shes bigger than Vera. I’m afraid she got the short genes in Nicks side of the family, heck she finally started wearing a size 3 shoe.
    HoPE Nathan is doing better. Did he have a good break away from his sister. I think sometimes Ryland wishes that his sister wasn’t around bothering him and cuttin into his playing time.

  2. She is adorable!!
    Amzingly cute.
    Sweetness all wrapped up into something really special.
    I just want to snuggle her up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You got some really great pics of her.

    I must admit, I am so dissapointed you probably won’t be coming here for the magnets. I really would love to see you and spend some time with you.
    Texting, writing, FBing is all really good……. but I would love to hug you.

    Chris loves CA – I’ve never been – so we need to get a trip planned.

    Anyway – thanks for all the texts today.
    And your Belle is just the cutest thing. (she looks a LOT like my Maggie when she was that age!)

    Hugs – Whitney

  3. Marcela
    HAPPY Belated Birthday!!!

    Belle is so adorable! It seems the older she get the more to me she look more and more like Nathan.

    I HoPE Nathan is feeling better.

    Great pictures, thnks for sharing.


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