ABR day 3

Today we finish our 3rd day of ABR training. I finally feel I am beginning to grasp the concept and the technique. It’s a very structured, almost mathematic approach, so it’s taken me some time to understand. We practiced on Nathan today. He was mostly okay with the treatment but after a few minutes he complained a little bit. It was probably a very new, different sensation for him. Yet I am happy that he tolerated it and I think his tolerance will increase.

We were pretty tired after the training and went to dinner with another family from Florida. We had a really nice time and enjoyed getting to know them and their son, Jonathan.

It’s been so great talking to and spending time with other families that deal with similar situations. I can’t describe what a relief it is to sit down to dinner and chit chat about things we’ve tried, looked into, doctors experiences, dealing with the emotional issues, etc. We have learned a lot from these other families too, just in 3 short days.

Anyways, I wanted to share a little video of what Nathan did at the end of his ABR session today, and a few pictures of our training.

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