6 Month Bellebration

Happy 6th month birthday princess Belle! We celebrated your 6 month birthday at Disney today (with your friends Annabelle and Mathew).  

When I think of your 5th month of life, the words that come to mind are, up up and away!

This month was all about moving.  You learned to crawl.  You can get anywhere you want to go in 5 seconds flat.  Sometimes you crawl.  Sometimes you roll.  Sometimes you scoot.  Sometimes you dive.  But you can always get to where you want to go.

And you discovered UP.  You started tentatively using stuff to pull yourself up to standing.  Before we knew it, standing was all you wanted to do.  Forget sitting.  Forget crawling.  You want to be UP!  You crawl to any available surface and pull up.  And once you’re up you scream because you don’t know what to do!  Mommy come save me!

You’ve fallen a few times as you get gutsier with your experimentation.  But then you only cry for a few seconds and move on.  Who has time for crying when there’s a whole world to explore?

This month you wrapped your daddy a few more times around your finger.  You’ve become quite the daddy’s girl.   He finds you irresistible.  You’re starting to look forward to your afternoons with daddy.  He plays with you, you crawl all over him, and laugh and flirt with him.  And let’s not forget you made him shave his chest this month because you couldn’t resist pulling his chest hair (sometimes I love that he doesn’t read this blog hehehe!!!).

Did I tell you that you seem to have ignored the “sitting” stage?  If we place you in sitting you can stay there for a bit, but who wants to sit still when you can MOVE?  So although typical development includes sitting then crawling…you seem to have completely ignored the sitting stage and are working on walking.

Today I saw you start to let go while you were standing against the family room center table.  First one hand….then the other…oh baby I can’t believe how fast you are growing up!

You are saying all sorts of sounds now…mama…dada…baba…papa…grglgrlg…you are experimenting and all sorts of things come out of your mouth…you sing yourself to sleep when you are tired…and you screech as loud as you can to get attention.

I am treasuring those gorgeous toothless grins of yours…because your first tooth has already poked out!  I can already fill it when I touch your gum.  You are taking it like a champ and it doesn’t seem to be bothering you very much.

Except maybe at night.  You know, that time of day when mommy and daddy want to sleep?  Except that’s when you decide you need lots of attention.   At least once an hour attention.  Every night, every hour on the hour.

You’ve decided that sitting still is for dummies so going out to eat with you is like walking into the circle of a tornado.  You grab everything, jump, screech, grab, pull, bite, throw, grab again…you can’t be still!  You don’t like sitting in a high chair and if I look away for one second I will find you with something in your mouth.

You learned to drink from a straw, to hold your bottle, and to drink from a regular cup.

And how can I forget to mention that you’ve started eating solids!  So far you haven’t said no to ANYTHING.  Whatever we put in your mouth, you eat.  So far you’ve had avocados, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, a little bit of ground beef, a little bit of rice (great distraction at restaurants!), and almond milk.   You LOVE eating!

You can grab anything, transfer things from hand to hand, can activate any toy, play the piano, play the drum, … you’ve mastered so many of your toys already!  But your favorite toy of them all…is Nathan’s ABR ball.  You can’t see that little blue ball because you’re all over it!  Especially when we are working on Nathan!

Oh and can I tell you how much you love your brother.  The two of you are like peanut and butter.  One day you were inconsolable while mommy and daddy were out on a date…nothing calmed you down…until grandma had you sit on top of your brother and that was all you needed.  You love to bite him, chew on him, pull his hair, sit on him, drool on him, suck on his tummy and toes…you just love being with him!

Oh sweet Belle, watching you grow is such a delight.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Happy 6 month birthday, my beautiful Belle.


  1. We had a fantastic time with you today, happy 6 month birthday, beautiful belle you are more beautiful in real life. Hoping to see you guys real soon.

  2. Happy 6th month Beautifull Belle!

    Marcela, I am going to email you because if you are coming to NY/NJ I hope you can take a few minutes of your busy schedule to meet. I would love to see Nathan and Belle!

  3. Aww tears in my eyes Happy 6mth Belle We love you

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous girl.

  5. Hermosos tus hijos Marcela, y Belle cada día mas bella, Nathan bello también. Dios bendiga a estos dos hermosos hermanos a sus padres, cariños

  6. Cathy Jordan says

    Happy 6 Month Birthday, Belle! She is way ahead of the game with her development! Wow! And I’m so glad you got the Hugga Bebe! Isn’t it awesome?

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