A BodyTalk update

I’ve been really stressed lately. I don’t talk too much about it here in this blog because, well, I don’t want to make you all crazy with my problems. But I’ve been stressed. I miss Owen, my house, my dogs, my family…I miss Baja Fresh and Thai food and Whole Foods. I miss Dr. Kenny and I miss my friends and I miss I miss I miss. Yes, I’ve been homesick. I’ve also been worried. Losing Nathan’s 2nd daily CME session was a tough blow for me, I felt like I slowed down’s Nathan’s rate of progress. Not having my pre-natals and supplements is tough – I feel out of balance. But most importantly, I’ve been stressed about the future. What are we going to do with Nathan after March? My plan is to go home at the end of March so Belle can be born in the States. But once we get to LA – what’ll happen to Nathan? There are no CME practitioners in LA. Will he lose the progress he’s made? Will his progress be stunted? So I’ve been worried. Hardly sleeping. And worrying some more.

For all these reasons I decided I needed to pamper myself so I booked a BodyTalk session for myself with a Chilean BodyTalk practitioner, and all I can say is, WOW. The thing with BodyTalk is that WHO the practitioner is that works on you really matters. A good practitioner can give you a mind-blowing session, a regular practitioner may do you a bit of good but nothing incredible. Well, Paul is a REALLY GOOD practitioner. One of my chief complaints when he asked me why I went to see him was that I wasn’t sleeping well. Well I hadn’t finished putting my head on the pillow on his work table when I was asleep. I drifted in and out of consciousness while he worked, but mostly I was OUT. I felt so relaxed, so comfortable. After working on me for about 45 minutes, he woke me up and we sat down to talk about the findings of the session.

And I have to say again, as if I haven’t said it enough – BodyTalk is stunningly amazing. It works on SO MANY LEVELS. He told me about some digestive issues I’ve been having (which I didn’t even mention to him) and gave me the emotional reason why the stomach was reacting this way (I’ve been having reflux, so the stomach isn’t fully accepting food and is throwing it back up) – a difficulty accepting situations as they are. So the emotional rejection manifested by the stomach regurgitating food. So interesting huh. There were several other “links” like this that came up reflecting many of the things I’ve been feeling and going through.

But what’s most amazing is how I felt AFTER the session. I felt grounded. I felt balanced and happy. The pain in my stomach went away. The pain in my back and uterus that I’ve been experiencing wasn’t there. I felt calmer and more clear than I have in a long time. And in those moments while we were chit-chatting after the session, I realized that all those things I’ve been stressing about are NOT IMPORTANT!

The BodyTalk restored my emotional balance enough for me to see that I was worrying needlessly. I remembered that the process we’re going through is not about results – it’s about the journey. When I’m out of balance, I forget that expectations are poison. So after the session I felt calm, and I felt that it’s unneccesary for me to stress and worry about the future, because Nathan is PERFECT. He is happy. He is healthy. And the rest is just icing. So why worry?

I can’t say enough good things about BodyTalk! I’m taking Nathan for a session on Monday 🙂


  1. Sally Fraley says

    I pray for you/your family/wonder how you do it, etc.

    you know how you said things happen for a reason?
    What if..everything that you are doing now for Nathan has established enough neural pathways for him to be -say- on the same level as an infant- like Belle- and he is aware enough to want to do what she is doing developmentally–starting from the very, very beginning- Nathan can watch, learn and imitate-thousands of tiny movements over time– with that and the therapy that you are able to maintain- who says that isn’t an adequate classroom for Nathan and where your life is right at this moment? And knowing that you would be willing to dote on the beautiful boy forever, God is giving you –permission- not to-
    He’s amazing, and the progress I’ve seen just in a few months is phenomenal-HE STOOD AT THE FOUNTAIN!!!

  2. Very nice blog, I remember Nathan frequently, Im so happy to have met both of you

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