A breath of fresh air

Yesterday we had a lovely lovely lovely day. We left the city behind and drove about an hour away from Santiago to a lake / camping facility. It was so natural, so beautiful, so quiet, so FRESH!!! We absolutely loved leaving the hubbub of the city behind and having a day to chill, enjoy nature, and just relax!!!

We went with 3 other families, each with a SN child. Vicente, Vicente and Catita are all incredibly special children and it was lovely for us to have the chance to spend time with them. We had so much fun!!! It really is indescribable how nice it is to sit around the table and have a “normal” conversation about therapies, doctors, miracles, etc We had BBQ chicken and meat for lunch & dinner, as well as a whole bunch of other lovely goodies. Then we played in the pool (Nathan LOVED LOVED LOVED it), then hung out and ate some more, then swam some more, ate some more, and then came home late at night. All in all it was my favorite outing since we got to Santiago.

Thank you SO much Cybell, Karym, and Angelica!!! We had a lovely time and are really grateful for everything!!!

Here are some pictures. Be careful, there are a few R-rated shots!!!!


  1. I’m glad you had a beautiful day.
    I must ask – Why do you have nathan’s head flaps in the bug seat so darn tight? I simply must speak up for that boy (since he’s not verbal yet) and let you know that Nathan says “Mommy, these head things are squishing my ears off!”
    there. …i feel better. and I’m sure Nathan will, too…. 🙂

  2. How do I make them looser???!!! I would SOO do it if I knew how! It’s been driving me nuts, I hate how it squishes his ears!!! But HOW??

  3. Looks like a lovely day!

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