A Lovely Day

Today was another lovely day for us here in Santiago. Enjoy a couple of cute pictures courtesy of MamaTerapeuta:

From 9-19-09
From 9-19-09
From 9-19-09

Here they were in a game where we could sit them in their wheelchairs and the kids ran around in circles, like the teacups at Disney. Nathan loved it! (but Rocio wasn’t quite sure). They played at a big seesaw too and both of them LOVED it.

Today was an off day for Nathan – no Medek. I’m glad he had a day off.

Now just in keeping with the usual style of the blog, I wanted to talk a little bit about BodyTalk. The day before we left for Chile Nathan had a treatment by a BodyTalk specialist called Dr. Pilipovich and, well, it rocked my world. The guy is AMAZING. This man knew nothing about Nathan – he’s never seen his website, doesn’t know anything about his diagnosis, etc. But using Bodytalk, he was able to diagnose things about Nathan that even neurologists and neurosurgeons didn’t know. He diagnosed the lack of separation between the hemispheres, as well as further details such as problems with the Falx Cerebri, problems in his craniosacral system, problems reabsorbing CSF fluids back into his brain, and more. How, you might wonder? BodyTalk! Bodytalk has the tools to give people the chance to diagnose all kinds of things.

He also told me something incredible that he discovered through BodyTalk. Nathan had been very resistant to change and improvement in his physical condition for fear of changing. Nathan is a very spiritual being and identifies himself heavily as a spiritual person. In his subconscious, he is afraid to develop physicall for fear of losing his connection with spirit. As part of the treatment, he told him it was okay to improve physically as he wouldn’t lose his connection to spirit. I sincerely believe this is the reason why Nathan has been so good in Medek. It’s the first time in 3 years where Nathan is making a strong effort in his therapy without resisting. It’s almost as if he’s giving himself permission to change. I know this sounds “out there” (as usual), but hey, when out there works, you go with it! And I’m going!

I’ve been toying a little bit with BodyTalk every day, doing mini sessions on myself and Nathan, and every day I am building more confidence and belief in this amazing healthcare modality. The more I learn about it the more I am CONVINCED that I have found GOLD.

I’ll share more about BodyTalk as I learn more. In the meantime, we’ll continue to enjoy our time here in Santiago!

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