A million milinchstones

I am starting to see how a million tiny winy little mini milinchstones start adding up to make tiny bits of change:

19 seconds now! We used to be excited with 5 seconds, now we’re at 19 (counts, not seconds, the key is – the amount of time has increased)! It’s still tiny but my cute gorgeous happy snail is milinching towards the finish line, a few hundred laps around the track away!!

See what I keep saying about The Head? Once it’s supported, he has so much more strength and control!

Talking about The Head. We’re at WAR. Over the past few days, I’ve been sitting him up at 90 degrees in his wheelchair. He leans forward a bit, and then the fight begins. The head flops to the left, I fix it, then again to the left, I fix, then again left, I fix, then to the right, I fix, then left, I fix, then right – all in the span of 1 minute. Any time we’re walking anywhere, we play this “Fix your Head” game. I sound like a broken record. Fix your head Nathan. Fix your head. Head in the middle. Fix your head, head up Nathan, fix the head. Over and over again.

BUT. It seems to be working! He is going about 5 steps now with the head in the middle. It used to be I had to fix him with every step I took. Today I was able to go 5 steps without fixing. So it’s working! It’s working!


  1. I love your term “milinchstones”…I see these every second of every day, even as we also fight the head war. Talk about “stop and smell the roses”, the things we learn to appreciate as the blessed mommies of these extra special little ones is unfathomable to most!

    Way to go Nathan! You are doing so wonderfully…lots of love!!!

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