A new life

Much is changing in our lives. Nathan is now 5 and starting part-time kindergarten. Izzy is becoming more independent every day. Gryffin will be here in 2 weeks! We’ve had some growing pains around here but I am happy to report that it feels like the dawn of a new era for our little family.

An era where Nathan’s disability is not the leading motivator for our actions

An era where Nathan is just another little boy; a very happy, easy going one at that.

An era of deep acceptance, where I no longer feel I have to control things on Nathan’s behalf.

Letting go of the need to control, letting go of that inability to accept things the way they are, has been the most beautiful, fantastic change in my life, one that is setting the foundation for a new life for our little family

A happy, relaxed, easy-going life…busy, for sure, but happy

A life full of love, enjoyment, and lots and lots of kisses

It’s a new era for us. It’s a new era for ME.

An era where I am acutely aware that, without self-care, I don’t have much to give those around me. An era where I am not trying to control the future, where I am allowing life to happen as it must.

An era without the word “disability” in it. Because I finally see Nathan as what he really is – a gorgeous happy little boy.

A time to embrace change.

Welcome, new life. We embrace you. Take us where you will. Our little family is ready to grow.


  1. Cathy Jordan says

    I love this post! Beautiful pictures…so excited for you & your family!

  2. Love you, Marcela xoxo This is right on

  3. Marcela, congratulations on your upcoming new arrival! I feel so out of touch and didn’t realize you were expecting. I have endless questions for you. We are still struggling with the idea of adding to our family (Simon was first) and need your wisdom. Your pictures are beautiful, your words inspiring.

  4. So love this post! Everyone sure does look happy and relaxed. And, you look great! Can’t believe the little one will be here in 2 weeks – that time has flown by for me 🙂 Wishing you an easy delivery and can’t wait to see photos of the little Gryffin when he arrives (hint hint)!

  5. toby kyrk says

    Thanks for the excellent catch up. I have been thinking of you guys so often lately. Emily just started kindergarten too. What an exciting time in all the kids lives. Miss you guys. ~ toby

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos and words. I am so happy for you.

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