A new view

Notice something interesting? Like the fact that Nathan and Lucas are hanging together when they should be 120 miles apart? This is our view for today -home.

Last night after our cop fiasco (see Twitter feed), Nathan started coughing. This morning he was having trouble breathing. By midmorning he was running a fever. By noon I had dumped (well, parked to be exact) the RV at s residential street, jumped in Sienna my minivan (which Tosha drove down yesterday), and was in the car zooming home.

Nathan saw Dr. F and she diagnosed him with a double ear infection, an upper respiratory infection, and mild bronchitis. He’s on albuterol breathing treatments, pulmicort, and amixycillin for the ear infections. My poor baby.

Needless to say the Hbot/Imot program has been postponed until further notice. – hopefully by next Monday the 15th the adventure can resume.

Now if somehow the RV could magically appear outside my doorstep 🙂


  1. Sally Fraley says

    Lucas has a ‘puppy’. Dogs are great that way. Comforting.
    Praying this is detour is over soon.

  2. Oh my poor booboo bear:( I hope he feels better soon. Do you think the HBOT treatment he did have accelerated the ear infection, bronchitis etc?

    Puppies are the best to make people feel better. Lucas looks like a big love!

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