A prayer, pretty please?

Mid-last week I got really really sick with the stomach flu. I had a fever, diarrhea, vomit, and felt terrible. 2 days later Nathan started throwing up. And the following day, Belle.

I am better, but both kids are still a mess. Neither of them has held anything down in 2 days. Poor Nathan lost the little bit of meat we’d finally managed to put on his bones. And Belle went from pudgy cute to lean and cute.

Last nigth was terrifying. I had on the monitor extra loud while Nathan slept, and I noticed a slight discrepancy in his beathing pattern. Something told me to go check on him, and I found him vomiting. I couldn’t hear the vomit, and he didn’t cry or make any tell-tale sounds. He sleeps on his belly so I don’t think he could’ve aspirated on it, but this still terrifies me as I know of a few children who have died this way.

I have so far kept them away from the hospital, but if this keeps up much longer I will have no choice but to take them both in.

We could really use some prayers, this isn’t more than a stomach flu but it sure is kicking all our behinds 🙁


  1. Prayers, Ryland has done that before gotten sick and I didn’t know about it, 2 times he just went back to sleep, sleeping in it. Ryland started sleeping on his back a coupe years ago but before getting a medical he always slept on his stomach. Poor little guy, at least he doesn’t have DI, thats what always gets Ryland into trouble. So glad you are better and can take care of them. We’ve gotten lucky and nothing really bad here. We are all thinking about you and the Family tonight.

  2. Thinking of you and sending prayers!

  3. Keeping you all in our prayers

  4. Sending prayers your way….

  5. Praying that today you all have a much better day and a quick recovery.

  6. Sally Fraley says


  7. praying for the babies!!

  8. Cathy Jordan says

    Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!

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