A quiet day

Nathan is still sick so we had a quiet, still day today. We watched a lot of movies, spent a few minutes at the park, then had dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant. Then we came home, cuddled, and he watched his cartoons while I watched House on my laptop.

I talked to my grandma today and she was devastated to hear that we are staying until March. It breaks my heart. I miss her terribly and hate that she feels this way. But I have to do this for Nathan, I have to give him this opportunity. I know she understands, but man, it’s tough.

Anyways, tomorrow will be another quiet day for us. We don’t have any plans yet so I hope we find something fun and relaxing to do 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend!


  1. Este finde no se llamé porque sé que están enfermitos. Si andan bien, el proximo resérvanos un día 😉

    Espero que hoy Nathan ya esté mucho mejor!

  2. Marce, ánimo amiga, ya todo mejorará, estoy segura que Nathan solo necesita descansar un poquito y se repondrá y así tu también puedes descansar. Me imagino a tu abuelita que los extraña mucho, pero ten por seguro que en su corazón sabe que tu lo haces todo por Nathan y esta orgullosísima de tí, ya vendrá el momento de disfrutarla en familia. Un abrazo y beso y nos comunicamos.

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