A series of fortunate events…

…is leading us to the California Integrative Hyperbaric Center. Tomorrow. Yes, I mean like, Nathan will be finishing his first Hyperbaric dive in 12 hours. I’m a bit stunned by the speed of it all, and excited. Very excited.

I’ve posted here how much I’ve wanted Nathan to receive HBOT. But circumstances never allowed it in the past. This time we were guided and it all worked out beautifully.

Tomorrow morning at 6 am we will be taking my friend Aixa’s RV down to Irvine, where we will park it outside of the therapy center. By 8 am Nathan will be in the chamber receiving his first HBOT dive at 1.75 ATA and 100% oxygen. At 9:30 am, he will start working with a therapist from NapaCenter.org . Napa recently affiliated with the CIHC to run their intensive physical therapy program. So Nathan will get the benefit of both HBOT and Intensive Suit Therapy! He will receive 4 hours of physical therapy and then a 2nd HBOT dive in the afternoon. We will be down there for the whole month of February.

Okay, I can hear what you’re thinking from way over here. WHAT? I thought you said you were going to keep still for a while, and were done running around doing therapies. Now this??!!!

Unfortunately I’m not at liberty to disclose the details on how it worked out, but it did, what I can say is this was sent as a gift to Nathan. So off to Irvine we go. The good thing – it’s only an hour from our house, so we can come and go, and we don’t have to travel. We will be staying in the RV for the most part, but if for any reason we feel like coming home – it’s a relatively short drive. I just know I can’t make the drive every day, so we’ll be staying there most nights, and coming home on weekends.

Another exciting thing – we can do ABR in the HBOT chamber. So for 1 month he’ll get 2 hours of ABR, 2 hours of HBOT, and 4 hours of suit therapy! The HBOT and ABR will be painless for him and will require no effort. The suit therapy will be hard but I think he is ready for it. By the end of this week I’ll know!

Now I have to go and get us packed and the RV loaded and ready. I’ll write more tomorrow during Nathan’s first day! Wish us luck and send some prayers our way!


  1. Marcela hola, solo desearte que les vaya fantástico y que todo salga bién, y que fuerza avasalladora tienes para salir adelante con Nathan,digna de admirar,fuerza y mucha fé que Dios siempre está con este niño adorable!!!
    Un abrazo y besos para Nathan y Belle.

  2. Good luck!! Suit therapy plus HBOT wow!! That sounds very exciting!!! Keep me posted on how it goes. Hugs to all of you!

  3. Very exciting!

  4. Hola Marcela, que emoción todo lo que estás haciendo, que les vaya excelente en todo, quetodo resulte bien, que mi niñito tenga toda la fuerza y energías para seguir con todo y tú también, Dios los estará acompañándo en todo este camino. Besos y abrazos para Nathan y princesita Belle.

  5. I’m just reading this post, but loving it!! I must say, though, the Hbot can be exhausting. Jailen wouldn’t have been able to handle the Intensive therapy between sessions, so I’m definitely going to pray that Nathan can do it!! That is so very exciting to be able to do both. We’ve seen dramatic improvement with 80 sessions of Hbot…actually, most improvement was seen around 15-25 treatments, & then again about 4wks after the 80th treatment. I wish you guys the best of luck. I can’t wait to see how he improves! And you, my dear, must be Wonder Woman!! 🙂

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