A Shift in Paradigm – Less is More

First let me start with a few cute videos taken today:

The quality of the videos isn’t great so you cant’ see his expression – I wish you could! He was SO HAPPY!

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with a wonderful, amazing lady from my Woman’s Worth class. She spent a lot of time going through Nathan’s site and reading about my treatment plan for him and learning everything she could about Nathan. In her training she is a Waldorf Educator. In a nutshell, Waldorf Education trains teachers on a holistic approach to child development – considering the mind, soul, senses, as well as cognition. It is fantastic!

She talked to me about potentizing everything we do with Nathan. So instead of using the approach – let’s throw everything at it and see what sticks – she proposed being very selective and adding a lot of positive energy to what we do select. I experienced this during Nathan’s first stem cell therapy treatment. I spent a lot of time praying and meditating for those cells to help Nathan. I asked his body to accept and assimilate them. I asked God, Buddha, Jesus, and everyone willing to listen, to help those stem cells help Nathan. I believe that all this prayer helped to potentize those stem cells. So she suggested doing less and potentizing everything we do.

She also talked to me about timing. For example, if someone offers me free black belt karate class, it would be useless for me, because I don’t even know basic karate. I would not be able to assimilate anything I learned. It’s like throwing seeds into a soil that hasn’t been prepared – it might still have weeds, rocks, and is just not fertile enough to allow those seeds to grow.

I’ve thought a lot about that. It makes perfect sense to consider this idea of timing, and to only offer to Nathan what he can assimilate.

But of course, the million dollar question is – how do I know what he can assimilate? How do I know what is the right offering to give him, at the right time? This was the issue that I spent a lot of time praying about. I still don’t have a clear answer. Often in my prayers and meditation, the thought that arises is – it doesn’t matter. There is no “magic formula” that is going to help Nathan. There isn’t just one thing that Nathan needs that is going to help him the most.

The feeling that I’ve gotten out of these meditations is to choose something and BELIEVE in it. Choose by observing him, his likes and dislikes, what seems to work for him and what doesn’t. Having chosen the approach, then I have to potentize it by believing. By being careful and selective about what I offer Nathan, and potentizing, then I think we maximize his chance of benefiting from it.

I think this is why some therapies have worked so well for some kids, but not for others. I think the key difference is BELIEF.

Okay, so this was piece 2 of the puzzle. The next piece: Disability is Natural.

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