A Shift in Paradigm – Natural, Energy-based medicine

After 2.5 years of knocking on doors, travelling around the country seeing doctors, and trying to find a way for Western Medicine to help Nathan, I finally realized that there really is nothing that Western Medicine can do to help him. WM can help with his shunt, and any necessary surgeries, but in general, I realized that WM doesn’t have much of an understanding of subtle bodily processes, energy, and other aspects of human health.

In October of 2008, I started reading/learning about dietary interventions and the connection between the gut and the brain. We started Nathan on some heavy duty probiotics and he started on a glutein casein free diet. We also started working on eliminating as much sugar from his diet as possible as well as the idea of using food as medicine.

In mid December we started working with a fabulous naturopath/kinesiologist. He got us started on using natural herbs for healing. It helped, but something was missing. About 2 months ago we met the fabulous Dr. Kenny, who is a chiropractor, biochemist and kinesiologist. She realized that Nathan wasn’t making enough B6, and this was causing general immune weakness.

We also started doing reiki, aromatherapy, using mineral bath salts, and ERT (emotional release therapy). All of these are natural, energetic, alternative ways of healing the body.

I realized that there is an entirely different way to approach healing. All of these alternative, “quacky” things actually WORK! Until now I thought all of that stuff was just mumbo jumbo, ways of tricking people and getting their money for nothing. Today I realize how mistaken I was and I just wish I’d known much earlier about all of these other healing modalities.

Most importantly – I know they work! I’ve seen an amazing transformation in Nathan’s health over the last few months. I think the first 3 months started detoxing him and laying the foundation for health, and the last 3 I feel he has healed considerably. I feel he is more present and connected with us, and is now more interested in the world around him.

He hasn’t made considerable developmental progress -we are still searching for the alternative modality that will help plug this in for Nathan. But we are hoping that by healing him from the inside out we will, over time, see some positive results. The idea is to help his body heal itself as much as possible, and ideally, to give the brain enough power and support so it can create new neuronal pathways and thus, new functions.

So an essential aspect of our paradigm shift is believing in the power of energy and of very subtle healing modalities. What you see is NOT what you get. I am now a believer. I believe that food can be medicine and poison. I believe that the olfactory sense can be used to stimulate brain development. I believe that the vestibular system can improve sensory integration. I believe that we can test our bodies using muscle testing, that it works because our bodies are made up of energy.

And now that I’ve laid the foundation, I will talk about what our new paradigm actually is!


  1. On this path we totally agree! Natural medicine has been a significant change for us, my daughter is so much better since we started. Definetly, alopathic medicine, or wastern medicine as you call it, doesn’t work at all, specially for our kids.

    What oils do you use for aromatherapy? I’m just starting that one 🙂

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