A theory

While taking the dogs for a walk tonight I was thinking about many of the kids we’ve met on our journey with Nathan and just how special they are. I was also thinking about yesterday’s post. And I came up with a theory.

In the first year of life, typically developing kids spend a lot of time MOVING. I’ve watched Belle and, well, that’s about all she does – MOVE. She turns twirls crawls kicks grabs looks – she’s in constant motion. And these are the movements that are helping her to develop. While she is moving, the brain is creating synaptic connections for gross and fine motor skills. A LOT of brain real estate is dedicated towards learning to move.

Kids with CP don’t have the opportunity to move as much as their typically developing kids. What happens to all of that brain real estate that would’ve been devoted to movement?

My theory is that all of that brain real estate is allocated towards whatever it is they CAN do. And in many of our kids – that is to FEEL, LOVE, CHARM, GIVE.

It’s a bit like monopoly. The areas that you visit and work on the most are the ones that develop the most. If you leave an area abandoned, it loses it’s original “owner” and gets taken up by another owner – another skills that is being used constantly.

Or maybe, my theory is just BS, and our kiddos are simply special beautiful gifted angels!!!


  1. Very nice and maybe right.

  2. I agree with the theory. The professional arena would call it a mom’s tale but what do they know?

  3. Hey! (sally) I am agreeing with Marcela – she has phrased a pretty accurate picture of brain development.

    I believe in angels-on-earth and that concept is not mutually exclusive with her ‘theory’.

  4. Cathy Jordan says

    I like your theories!!

  5. Sally Fraley says

    :/ no stress Barbara- I should have clarified with in my experience…..

  6. Regarding the motor skills, I remember that a child has to do a new movement 2000 – 3000x before he learns it.
    I was thinking many times how to arrange it with my son. No solution.

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