A tough week

We have lots of stuff going on this week. We have Nathan’s final assessment for the Dynavox at Rancho Los Amigos. They will decide if Nathan is proficient with the device. It is in Downey and should be an interesting experience. We also have the assessment at the school, which will be a bit of a waste of time as he’s not going to go to the special needs school.

On Wednesday he’s seeing a new Osteopath who’s also an anthroposphicdoctor. We met Dr. Brousseau once before and LOVED him. I’m thinking he will become Nathan’s regular pediatrician. Which will represent the end of Nathan’s path with Western medicine (other than brief forays into that world due to his shunt).

Finally, on Friday Nathan is having his 2nd MRI. Yes, I finally capitulated and decided to sedate him so we can get a full MRI. It’s been almost 3 years now since his first MRI and I really want to know what’s going on inside that brain of his! After the MRI I might do a SPECT scan just to compare the physical structures and correlate what’s happening in different parts of his brain. I’m still thinking about this one though.

And in between all of this we’ll be trying to implement his new Rhythm. So if I don’t get to post much – I’m so sorry – it’s just going to be a busy week for us!

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