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So here it is, midnight, and I have a hairy munchkin sitting on my lap. Why is he up so late, you may be wondering? I wondered the same when I heard him crying loudly, which was pretty unusual for him. So I went in his room and found him on his back with half his body under the bed railing. On his back? Yes, don’t ask me how he got there, as I put him down on the other edge of the bed – on his belly! Are the days of finding him where we left him over? I sure hope so!

So here we are, with munchies awake, hanging out, so we thought we’d do a vblog tonight as our daily post:

On other news, there was a cancellation today so Nathan had 2 sessions with Ramon. He did GREAT! Unfortunately I forgot my camera and didn’t film, but he did really really great, I was so proud of him. Our plan to have another PT do the morning CME session at home was a failure. Ramon truly is a genius and the new guy couldn’t get even 1/20th of the response Ramon gets from Nathan. So we’re just gonna save Nathan’s energy for his 1 daily session with Ramon, and use the rest of the time to do other exercises, go to the pool, and other fun things.

And now, I’m gonna try and put this child back to sleep! Good night!


  1. Cathy Jordan says

    Your video blog is so sweet!!

  2. Francisco says

    Definitivamente el progreso es imenso en todos los aspectos. La constancia siempre paga!!!!

  3. This has to be my favorite blog post ever. LOL I want more lol

  4. Maravillaso ver a Nathan con su risa contagiosa, lo adoro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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