A whole new world

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I work as an internet marketing consultant. I work every chance I have in between therapies and appointments. So when the IPAD came out I figured it was a great investment for me so I can work while at doctor’s appointments, while waiting for Nathan to finish his therapies, etc. Little did I know that I was venturing into A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Not for me. For Nathan.

I’ve had the IPAD for about a week and I LOVE it. It’s great and I have been able to keep up with work while on the move.

And then today I decided to check out some apps for Nathan. I was BLOWN away. There are SO MANY apps that Nathan can use! Some are augmentative communication apps, others are apps for babies, some are educational, others are just recreational. The key is – now Nathan has endless opportunities for play and to learn – that he can CONTROL regardless of all of his motor problems!

I think I am just starting to see the potential. He can choose movies he wants to watch. He can tell me what his needs are using taptotalk or proloquo2go. He can read interactive books – and turn the pages by himself. He can see flash cards of all kinds of things – animals, shapes, musical instruments, etc. He can color with his hands. He can choose what music he wants to listen to.

All of a sudden Nathan not only has a light, portable, easy to use communication system – he also has an entire entertainment mobile entertainment system that does all of the things he enjoys!

Here is an example of some of the apps I installed for Nathan today:

From Random

I only tried out a couple with him, and was AMAZED at how quickly he figured out how to use them!

For this app, he had to touch the middle of the screen to get more letters appear:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvQaO1L49PU&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0]

And for this one, he had to touch a small arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. He figured that one out real quick, so Mr. Impatience had to keep tapping away!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqqwRxhUqmk&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0]

I will take more videos over the coming days of Nathan playing with the other apps.

I can already envision the possibilities, and I am SO EXCITED about this.

The bad news: I am out of an Ipad. I am already planning on setting it up for him to take to school, he can use it while in therapy, etc etc. Bye bye ipad, I enjoyed you while I had you. But you are going to a far more worthy owner 🙂

PS. I am already trying to find some kind of a glove that we can put on him which pulls out his pointer finger and keeps it pointed so he can make more accurate selections.

PPS. I once saw an elbow support system that could be attached to a wheelchair. Such a contraption would give Nathan support and stability of his arm/elbow so he can make choices more accurately with his hand. This, combined with a glove/splint that keeps his pointer finger out, should give him consistent, reliable access. It’s something like this:

I see some more of them here: Mobile arm supports

PPPS. If anybody knows/has seen this arm/elbow support system, please send me the link – I can’t find it!


  1. Laura G says

    Very cool. We’re doing a trial with IPAD next week. Can’t wait. Hows he doing with the communication app. I’m considering getting one even if Proloquo2go is too advanced right now for Cody. Not sure he has the vision or motor control to make choices. But we’ve seen some visual scanning with him lately so we’ll see.

    Take care

  2. Francisco says

    Marce, no dejas de sorprenderme todos los dias. Definitivamente Dios escogio muy bien el hogar para Nathan

  3. Wow.. Nathan did great on the IPAD! The IPAD is something I am going to try with Cj. (Cj is Christopher’s nickname) I am now just going to use Cj! I am going to talk to his school about getting an IPAD. Because of his new diagnosis they can not say no to any equipment that can help him. It will be great for other kids as well! I am going to show them these clips to prove it will work!

    He can point very well. I taught him to point at a very young age and it stuck. You could try to use medical tape to wrap his hand and other fingers and leave his pointer finger into a pointing position with tape. Just a thought.

  4. Love the videos!!!! I have to say that Nathan turning the pages made me smile. I think I would just keep turning pages too if it was the first time I was able to do it! Emma tried one of these out with the aug. com. person from the school district and figured out the arrows for the flashcards immediately! She was entranced. We’re going to buy one in the fall. The aug. comm. person has a brother who writes so many apps and he recommends waiting while a couple of the kinks are worked out. She also recommends getting the largest storage one with 3G. So, that’s what we’ll get. I can’t wait! I’m actually quite impatient about getting it, but think it’s a good idea to wait and continue to use the iTouch (which isn’t great for Emma, but she still enjoys the books and games).

    I think Nathan would like a couple apps we have on our iTouch which should be available for the iPad now. They are: Five Little Monkeys by LoeschWare and Old MacDonald by Duck Duck Moose. Check them out next time you’re at the apps store 🙂

  5. Gina (Vinnys Mom) says

    That is awesome. Think I might have to get one for Vinny eventually. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ok I want a ipad to. Brandon would love that. I love you hope all is well and we need to talk and stop playing phone tag.

  7. Eugenia says

    It is amazing! We are going to wait for the later version with 3G. The iPad really opens a whole new world to everyone!
    I love to see how much Nathan enjoys it!

  8. We’ve got the iPad for Daniel also, check out the blog for a few of the ones we’ve used. It has done wonders for Daniel. He is “speaking” more and I am 100% sure its because of the iPad. The other day he told me he wanted to watch a DVD and he was so excited when I did exactly what he told me!

  9. I see and empowered, motivated, will to succeed in a big ol’ smile.

  10. Fantastic! Charlie is supposed to be getting and iPad for his birthday next week. I’m excited. Nathan looks like he’s totally got the hang of it and I know Charlie will figure it out quick.

    Someone left a link for http://www.customsolutions.us on my FB page and it might have something like what you’re looking for.

    Oh, and that picture of Belle with the dog? I lauged out loud.

  11. This is wonderful!!!!! When I see things like this I wish I am not living in a developing country….did I see a smile. Wish I can do such things for Zimuzo!! Well done girl

  12. Thank you for sharing how Nathan is using our TapToTalk App for the iPhone and iPad. It gave us all a big smile today. Please keep us up to date on how its working for him. If we can help you in any way, just email support.

  13. caroline curran says

    i have tap to talk on ds was thinking of getting ipad now i have seen this iam blown away amazing

  14. I bought my son an iPad also, and LOVED seeing your Nathan use it. I LOVE, LOVE your idea of some type of splint to keep the finger pointed!!!!! I am going to try to figure something out for that really quickly! Nathan, good luck with your iPad, I hope it opens up a whole new world for you buddy!!!! I am hoping the same thing for my son, Joshua!

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