ABM R2 Day 1

I’ve been trying to figure out what to write but it’s difficult as the sessions with Cheryl are different from the sessions at the ABM center in San Rafael. Cheryl’s sessions are more “free-flowing” … she works on many things at once… she “goes” with what Nathan is doing at the moment and builds on it to each him movement and differentiation.

She worked for quite a while on “differentiation” and on his chest. She did an exercise where she had him first tap his right shoulder with his left hand, then rub his belly, then tap the floor with his left elbow. Then after a while of doing this she helped him roll to the side and he pushed up to side sitting. Once in side sitting she tried getting him to look from side to side to destabilize and restabilize him. She talked about “fixing” – she didn’t want him to stay upright by stiffening his body, she wanted softness and fluidity so she kept him moving.

She also had his feet under his bum to get him to do the bridge, which he was able to do easily. Additionally, She had one foot on the ground with one leg bent, and the other foot resting on top of the knee (like a hip opener in yoga). She would move him like that and then had him reach with the opposite hand to the foot, and grabbing each toe separately.

Also, since Nathan tends to hyperextend a lot, she had him on his back and would lift his head up in flexion so he could learn different movements with his neck – flexion instead of extension.

Just like everyone else, she said that Nathan is very bright and cognizant and a very fast learner. She feels Nathan has a lot of potential and just needs guidance in learning how to move.

Cheryl allowed me to film the session, so we can then give the DVD’s to Victoria as a way of establishing a follow up plan.

The other thing I loved is she talked to us a lot about what she was doing, and why. She explained to us that without the family’s involvement and follow-up, the progress is much slower and less effective. So her plan is, once she makes the movements easy for Nathan, she will help us establish a follow up plan for us to do at home so we can help in the “integration” process.

Overall we are really pleased with Cheryl and her approach and are excited about what the next few days will bring!

Today I will bring my camera as well as the video camera so i can take a couple of clips of Cheryl working with Nathan, and post them on the site.


  1. So glad you are able to do this for sweet Nathan (and jealous!) ABM is the way for these kiddos.

    Sorry I haven’t been by for awhile. I need to scroll through and find pix of your sweet baby girl. I’ve been wondering how things are going! I just started working and we got rid of the internet at our house so there hasn’t been time for blog-hopping. I’ve missed you guys!

  2. Laura G says

    I’ve been trying to find someone to do ABM with Cody but as near as I can tell there is nobody in the state. And out of state therapy just really isn’t practical for us right now. Cody hyperextends too. Its really the only way he can stand or hold his head. Cannot wait to see some video.

    Laura G

  3. Veronica - Lorenzo's Nana says

    Hi Marcela! Just found someone here in Az who does ABM. Renzo went for an assessment today and I am amazed! Wish I’d of found her sooner. We start 2 x’s a week with her starting in August! And best of all she has 2 special needs kids, so she charges practically nothing! LITERALLY! so affordable! She even mentioned Sylvie and …sorry forgot his name! Can’t wait to see more progress!

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