ABM R2 Day 4

Here are some videos:

And here are some fun tidbits:

* Yesterday I left the door to the minivan WIDE open after we went into session. With. my. purse. ipad. camera. inside.

* This morning I drove out of therapy and a couple of blocks later I hear a loud THUD. There, sitting on the hood of the car, was the IPAD. I left it on the roof of the car and drove away. And it chose to fall forwards, not sideways onto the street. If you were wondering if the ipad is resilient – IT IS. Nothing happened to it.

* A couple of mornings ago I realized that I forgot something in the car (I forgot what). I’d just woken up. So I decided to go get it. Halfway to the car I realized my pijama top was open (from feeding Belle at night) and I was showing my bra to the world.

So for anyone (all 2 of you) who thinks I have it together – the joke’s on you! HA!!


  1. oh how funny! Glad to hear how resiliant the iPad is! I have truly lost count of all the times I have walked out of the house with top that was not completely on….

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