ABM R2 Day 5

And here are the last of the videos with some of the things Cheryl worked on today:

Also, today Cheryl set aside quite a bit of time to let Marta and I practice the method on Nathan. She allowed us to get our hands on him and guided us in what we should be looking for and what we should be feeling. As we were doing it, she was explaining what the purpose of each movement was and what it should feel like. It helped SO MUCH! Just having a few minutes of “hands on” time gave me quite a different perspective of the work and allowed me to understand what we were working towards.

The verdict: I am in love!


  1. Did Nathan say mom in the second video? It sounded like it to me 🙂

  2. Laura M says

    Oh My God!!! I heard Mom too!!! Marcela he is doing soo great. He is making soo much effort to speak it is incredible!!! Sorry I know i need to contain myself:) Love these videos and he looks so good doing the work and he’s totally enjoying it. I love that childs smile it just bring joy to my heart. Love you guys.

  3. okay, marcela, this is the first chance i have had to watch the videos in this series, and not only am i completely impressed, but once again amazed at how much nathan and fletcher sound alike.

    they have pretty much the same vocabulary (more, mom, bubble, and go are the faves around here) and if i closed my eyes and played the video, i would swear it was my fletch. flashbacks from montreal in ’08 for sure!

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