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So this blog has become a really important part of my life. Not only is it therapeutic for me and a way to organize my thoughts. It has become a way for me to meet some of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered. Some of you have become some of my closest friends. Your kids are beautiful and I think of them and pray for them often. I feel like the people who visit this blog are just amazing human beings. I wanted to say, one more time – thank you for enriching our lives!

And on this note, I wanted to share a little bit about this blog. These are some stats from the month of June. If the images are too small, you can go to our Picasa Page to see bigger images.

This is how many visitors we had:

And this is how many pageviews:

(this means that, on average, everyone that comes to the blog reads about 2 pages).

This is where you guys are from:

And it also shows that on average, people spend about 2 min’s on the site (I need to start writing shorter posts 😉

And for those in the USA, these are the 10 most popular states:

These are the most popular pages according to Google analytics:

And these are according to WordPress:

So, these are just a few tidbits about PFN.

If you are a lurker and would like to introduce yourself, today is a great day to say hi!

Thanks again to all of you guys who bring so much richness to our lives!


  1. Gracias a tí por darnos la oportunidad de estar mas cerca de Nathan atravéz de este blog!! y si coincido plenamente contigo,”nuestros niños són maravillosos”.
    Wuau!! tanta gente linda queriendo saber de mi mini-gringo.
    Marce eres una amiga muy especial,te quiero mucho!!

  2. I’m not surprised Australia is up there near the top ! I’m always on your site Marcela!!
    I’ve been meaning to e mail re MAPS and I will send you a full update on exactly what improvements we have seen etc.. in Billee soon.
    Even though you question how far Nathan has come I can tell you both you and he have come a long way since I first started talking to you.
    Well done to both of you!!
    You are both beautiful and strong people.
    Belle is sooo cute – she really looks like Nathan hey?
    Take care all of you and speak soon.
    Love Kerri

  3. Francisco says

    La perseverancia es sin duda una de las mas importantes condiciones para lograr cualquier objetivo en la vida. Tu blog es para muchos un daily reminder de los altibajos que se encuentran en el camino de la perseverancia pero todos tus lectores esperamos el exito final

  4. Hey! Totally a lurker! found your site through http://www.howlifehappens.blogspot.com. My DS, 17 months, was born with Congenital CMV, and a lot of the problems that go along with that. She is our pride and joy, and a true blessing to our little family! She is making good progress, but nothing is for granted, and every little bit of progress is a bonus.

    I love to hear all about Nathan and Belle, and of course all of Nathan’s progress. Look forward to the next update!

  5. I’m not a lurker, but I thought I’d say hi! Love graphs! I’m such a dork.

  6. Thought I count!!! Obviously Nigeria does not count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like we say hear no sweat

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