ABR and Montreal

Yesterday we had our ABR presentation and today our first training.

They have explained to us that for our kids to develop better function their structure has to improve. The way to improve their structure is to apply energy to different areas of their body and this energy will help to restore and improve the structure of their body.

We are still learning about it, but so far, we have been pretty happy with what we’ve learned. It makes perfect sense that we have to improve Nathan’s structure as we know that it will and has decayed because of the brain injury.

So far we’re having a wonderful time. We have met some lovely families and have enjoyed hanging out and exchanging ideas. We met the Gallos and the Smykays and went to the botanical gardens and dinner today. Oh and did you know that Nathan has a fraternal twin?

Let me tell you how identical Nathan and Fletcher are. At one point both boys were outside the room and I heard Nathan make his cute little noises and then I went outside and found out it was Fletcher! They laugh the same, make the same noises, have the same mannerisms and expressions, similar movements…it was amazing. They really enjoyed each other at dinner today, Fletcher would start squeaking and laughing and he would make Nathan laugh who would then start squeakng and laughing. It was so fun to watch them! Below are some pics:

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