ABR Bbq Chile

Yesterday we went to an indoor BBQ (it was raining) with the ABR families in Chile. It was a VERY inspiring experience! It was incredible to see how something starts with one family’s courage and ends up reaching over 100 families in under 2 years. Sonia (mamaterapeuta) was the first family in Chile to start ABR in Feb 08. By the summer there were a few more families, by next year they had many more, and now there are about 100 families doing or interested in ABR. How incredible!

We met some wonderful families and children. We had a lovely time hanging out, eating burgers, chit chatting. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I wasn’t the chattiest person, but I still thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to so many great people.

Thanks to Sonia and Pilar for putting this together! You outdid yourselves!

I am excited to pick back up with Nathan’s ABR exercises but have no idea how/when. Our routine is pretty set and full right now. We wake up at 7 am, eat breakfast, shower and get ready. By 9 am we are out the door for the first Medek session, which is at 9:30am. Then at 10:15 I am going to start taking Nathan to the pool this week so he can swim for 30 min’s. Then we go home, eat a snack, and put Nathan to bed (noon). At 2pm he wakes up and we give him lunch and get him ready for the afternoon. At 2:40 we leave for our 2nd Medek session which is at 3pm. Then right afterward we jump on a cab to go to the preschool. Nathan stays at preschool from 4pm to 6pm. Then we come home, eat dinner, take a bath, and wind down for the night. Nathan is in bed by 8pm and I follow him not too much later. I really don’t know where I could find time to do ABR but I want to try to at least squeeze a little bit of ABR into the day! I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Marcela,que lindo dia con las familias de abr,Nathan disfruta mucho cuando comparte con niños fué una tarde agradable,me impresiona lo organizada que eres con los tiempos creo que medek esta funcionando muy bién,además con todas las otras actividades de Nathan,creo que abr puede esperar ¿o no?.

  2. Marcela, sería ideal que alguien pudiera hacerle ABR mientras duerme. Te aseguro que pueden encontrar los momento de sueño profundo para instalarse y comenzar a sumar horitas.

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