ABR, Dendrites and Canada

I’ve been watching a lot of House lately. After my dream the other night, and infused by House’s spirit of problem solving, I started thinking, what if my dream was a clue?

Now let me back up one step. I took Nathan for an evaluation with a neurofeedback specialist. She mentioned that sometimes a child like Nathan is simply missing a piece of the puzzle. You identify that piece, plug it in, and wham, the brain starts regenerating and changing itself and you have great improvements.

This comment, and House, made me start looking online for clues. I started reading about dendrites. What are they? How do they function? I didn’t understand much, but it seemed to focus on electrical stimulation.

I stopped there thinking I would find a neurologist who could explain this further to me, so I could then match whatever therapies we’re going to choose with whatever can help dendrites grow.

And then I read Daniel’s blog. And I saw that video. And I read about ABR’s concept.

And just like Melanie…I don’t care how we find the money, or what we have to do, but we HAVE to go. I can see Nathan in that child.

Lately I’ve been realy worried because Nathan’s muscle tone in his arms and adductors is increasing. Also his head hasn’t grown since he was 18 months. That’s 6 months without growth and he’s now in the 5th percentile.

And maybe this is what my dream was about! Maybe my dream was preparing me so when I read about ABR, something would click.

Canada, ABR, watch out, here we come!

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