ABR Satellite Training

On Saturday we went to our ABR satellite training. Unfortunately we failed all the exercises we got the first time around and have to redo them all. The primary reason is because Nathan’s been so sick we haven’t really done enough ABR. We got a refresher of the exercises with a few modifications to make them easier for us to implement. I was happy that we got the chance to go. We also chatted with Paxon’s family, who’s absolutely gorgeous.

Here are some pictures:

Coincidentially, today I went to a Reike training. I wasn’t too sure about what it was or why I was going but I felt that I should at last check it out. It’s all about how to use the hands and energy to heal. And bells just went off in my head. If I combine the Reiki with ABR – it should quadruple it’s power!

I also felt very guided about the weekend. Both of the trainings were about using energy for healing. ABR uses kinetic energy, Reiki uses spiritual energy.

I’ve been praying for guidance about the best ways to help Nathan. And both of these trainings appeared. So I feel I’m on the right path.

I’ll share more in the coming days and weeks about how both of these are going!


  1. Those pics are so great! I just now saw them; I havent been online much since we got back from CA. Nathan is so sweet! Robert and I were laughing because Paxson looked like such a goof.
    It was so great getting to spend time with you all, hopefully we see you again in May. Hows the ABR going since the session?

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