When Nathan was smaller I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to help him develop. Now he is in a stable routine and I spend less time researching therapies etc.

Instead, I spend all my spare time trying to figure out how to be a better mother to Isabelle. She is such a bright, curious, intense, exuberant little girl. Parenting her requires a lot of skill! She spends a lot of time looking for and testing limits, is very volatile, incredibly sensitive and observant, and always looking for something new to learn.

An invaluable tool has been Janet Lansbury’s blog. I absolutely love her views and opinions, and have learned so much from her. She is Isabelle’s teacher for her Friday morning RIE class, and has given me great advice for handling her.

Her latest post about acknowledging our kids goes right alongside my “I notice” post from yesterday. I think the concept is one and the same, but Janet says it so much better:

The key to your child’s heart .

Look for more parenting resources here, I am learning a lot!!

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