Active Hands

I wanted to share another adaptation that I am really happy with. I found this through an ad on facebook and decided to check it out. I am really glad!

Even though Nathan keeps his hands fisted, when he wants to hold something, he lets go. This is the dystonia – his brain sends the opposite message of what he wants to do. When he wants to reach out and grab something, his hands curl into tight fists. If we put something in his hands and he wants to hold on, he lets go.

When we put him in the tricycle, this was a problem as his arms would pull tightly back against his body and his hands would let go of the handles.

This is where Active Hands Gloves come into the picture. It takes a few seconds to put on these gloves, and they basically make it so he CAN hold on to stuff for as long as the gloves are on. They work FABULOUSLY. Much better than the ones sold by Freedom Concepts (makers of the tricycle).

It can also be used for lots of other things – holding on to a pen, holding on to drumsticks or other musical instruments, holding on to crayons so he can color…basically, anything that requires holding anything, this facilitates. Even holding a spoon to facilitate self feeding!

I am really happy with this and thought I should pass on this adaptation. Enjoy!


  1. Very good adaptation. OTs have used that type of ‘glove’ since my early career. Glad they make them so nice now.

  2. Francisco says

    El leer tus posts por la madrugada es mi fuente de energia para el resto del dia. Nunca descansas de encontrar detalles para mejorar la vida de Nathan!!!

  3. These would be great for Chris! Thank you for finding these. I have never seen them. I am going to order today! Nathan rocks on his new wheels. He looks great!

    Hope you are feeling well and happy to hear you are chilling a little and enjoying Belle!

  4. Hi,
    just found this when looking at our web stats and seeing people linking from your site. It’s great when we get to see this sort of thing and how much our gripping aids are really helping people. We are only a small company and often we have to focus on generating sales and the everyday workings of a small family run business but it’s great when we sometimes get to see that our aids really make a difference in peoples lives too. I have a spinal cord injury and designed the aids to assist me to be more independent. However the range of people who now use them and the great feedback we get really makes us all feel what we are doing is not only good business but makes us feel good too. Best wishes and our prayers for Nathan and yourselves.

    Rob Smith – Active Hands designer

    p.s. would we be able to use Nathans photo with our aids on in our website gallery please?

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