Adaptations – Wheelchair and Car Seat

We are trying out the Thevo Twist wheelchair and the Recaro swivel car seat for Nathan:

So far I really like both of them!

The Thevo Twist is pretty light, the chair comes off the base, it is easy to push, it tilts and reclines, and Nathan looks pretty comfortable in it. He will have TONS of room to grow and I think it looks like an all around good wheelchair!

The Recaro swivel car seat is a nice, well-padded, supportive car seat that also swivels. So instead of trying to get Nathan into the seat while it is facing forward, we swive the seat so it faces us as we try and get him into the car, which makes the process SO MUCH easier.

Now we have to get them funded so wish us luck!


  1. okay, i should check the blog before i post on facebook. just commented on a photo that i thought that he was trying out the twist (the color combo of the chair tipped me off). check out my comment about the buggypod on facebook… it looks awesome, but i don’t think it will work with Fletcher’s w/c.

  2. That chair is awesome. I like the colors. We are fighting the car seat thing right now too. Cody is getting so heavy and really is too big for the car seat we use. But we haven’t found a SN one that works for him. We have a Columbia one that someone gave us but he constantly throws his head forward in it. We demoed a Recaro car seat awhile back and it was way too big for Cody. I think it may have been a different one than you are showing. Always a new dilema huh! Good luck getting funding.

  3. Hi Marcella, I tried the Twist with Cj and I thought the componets were not sturdy enough for him. There are so many plastic pieces, I thought he may break them. He has a strong backwards thrust. We ended up getting the new Quickie Iris. We should get it this week (we’ve waited 7 1/2 months)! It will take time to get all the right components for his needs, trial and error. Why is everything so hard for us!!!!!
    I think I am going to get a Van with a manual rear entry ramp. I heard the electric ones break down alot. So no more car seats for us. I like the looks of the Recaro swivel and Nathan looks good in the Twist!

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