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    I gotta say Nathan really touches me. I have been having some neurological problems my self and i’ve made it to the age of 21 and gotten to do lots of things poor little Nathan has not. He is an amazing little miracle and I want you to know that he is on this planet for a reason, God doesn’t do anything without reason and I am so sure that Nathan has an extremely important mission in his life that God wants him to carry out. That’s why he’s here. you’re right, he is a blessing and if he were any other way he wouldn’t be your same Nathan, right?Don’t ever lose hope, I bet he could even turn out to be a doctor or lawyer someday! I can tell just by looking at him that despite all the troubles with his brain there is a smart little man in there. Also my cousin Thomas, who is 7 has some problems like Nathan. He got little glasses when he was just a few days old. He requires lots of therapy like your son, he is even a year older and cannot talk at all, he requires a special wheel chair and an elevator in the house. Your son was very lucky in the speech department. Just remember that your making new strides every day and your in my prayers. I really am wishing the best for you and your family and will tell my friend Christie to add you to her prayer group.

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