Aerial Standing in Sept

Ramon just sent me this video of Nathan, which he took back on Sept 29, 2 weeks into his CME treatment. That was my first day at the hospital so he was at therapy with the nanny.

What’s amazing about this video is that he was able to stand up in the air only 2 weeks into his treatment. That day Ramon was so excited. Aerial standing is the beginning of independence; he felt so much potential at that point.

Unfortunately, it’s been hard to get Nathan to replicate this exercise. We were hoping that by now he would’ve mastered it and would’ve moved on to harder exercises requiring more control. But he’s been sick twice, and for other unknown reason, he just hasn’t been able to replicate that level of progress.

But why am I sharing this now? Because it’s there. I talked about miracles earlier. Seeing this video after writing that post feels like a reminder – Marcela, it’s possible. He did it already. He can do it. It’s in him.

PS. Oh how I miss his long hair, I can’t wait for it to grow long again!


  1. oh!!! imprecionante!!! en el momento menos esperado es cuándo realmente nos imprecionan, claro que Nathan es un bello milagro y porsupuesto que és y será capaz de mucho más!!!
    un beso.

  2. you see mommy I can do it! and my head is also where its supposed to be!

    Miracles that’s what these little angels are:)

  3. Cybell, si, yo tambien creo!

    Laura, I agree! They are miracles and have so many more miracles to show us :–)

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