All is well

I had everything ready – the hospital bag was packed, charger and cell phone in the car, both boys ready, blog updated with prayer request, my mom had taken Isabelle to her house…all that was left was to put the boys in the car and drive to the hospital.

Something told me to wait 10 minutes. I gave him a few sips of juice, and he didn’t vomit. A few minute before I’d gotten a text message from my Reiki master, whom I’d asked to do a distance healing session on Nathan. Let me clarify – until now, I wasn’t a big believer in distance healing. I’ve heard people claim it works, but it just seems a bit farfetched. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so I asked Jeff (reiki master) for help, and just as I was leaving for the hospital, he started a healing session on Nathan. So I waited 10 minutes..and another 10…another sip of juice…and another 10. An hour and a half passed and Nathan hadn’t thrown up the juice…he woke up from the lethargic, distant fog and started moving around a little. His color changed. 2 hours later I thanked my lucky stars, prayer warriors, and reiki master and prepared to settle in for a long night.

It was a scary moment. Nathan was laying on the couch watching TV when, without rhyme or reason, he started throwing up. He was badly positioned so he could’ve aspirated and choked on the vomit. My brother in law’s wife died this way, by vomiting while having a seizure, so you can imagine my panic. He kept on throwing up for a while, and looked like he was struggling to breathe. I gave him a bath and tried giving him water, juice and pedialyte, all of which he threw up. Which is when the tough decisions come in – go to the hospital? Keep him at home? I called his doctor – no answer. His homeopath – no answer. Finally my reiki master responded, and saved the day.

Friday night he didn’t sleep a wink, he was still very dehydrated and uncomfortable. But by Saturday afternoon he was feeling better and was able to eat a piece of toast with nutella and drank lots of juice. Today most of the symptoms were gone and he drank 4 juice pouches, and ate a pancake for breakfast, In-N-out burger and fries for lunch, cookie for snack, and mac-n-cheese for dinner. Thank you God.

All is well in Nathan-land again.

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