This morning I woke up at 10:30 am, simply because my body was rested and did not need more sleep. It’s been years since I’ve had such a beginning to a day. The kids are with my mom, who graciously takes them overnight on Fridays so Owen and I can have a date night. Owen was off at first light to go paintballing with his friends. And I…I was left alone to languish in bed, to rest, to recover.

No 6 am screeching baby next to my ear, burying her face into my body, nursing herself to a gentle start to the day.

No 6:30 babbling from the monitor next to my ear, Nathan’s soft voice letting me know that he’s awake, time to come get me mommy.

Ahhhh…and how I cherish this morning, all alone, no one’s needs but my own.

I love my children…I love my man….I love them all with all my heart. But this…this moment alone…how precious to me, how restorative, how lovely to be reminded that not every moment of my life is comprised of other’s needs.

I sincerely hope all my lovely mommy friends out there get to experience this every once in a while….

And now I leave you to return to my quiet joyful moments of solitude.


  1. Sounds heavenly! And needed. 🙂
    (Forwarding this post as a hint to my husband!)

  2. That sounds amazing! We don’t often get offers to take our girls overnight, but when we do I jump on the chance to get a bit of extra sleep in the morning!

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