Amazing new therapy

It’s called “Hold your kids tight and squeeze them with love while swinging in the hammock” therapy.

And my other favorite new therapy…it’s called

Dress up, watch, and play with your baby until your heart bursts with joy” therapy:


  1. Looks like the best therapy yet! There is nothing better than a hammock! You all look beautiful!

    I hope Owen had a great Daddy’s day! He is a great Dad just like my Hubby! Your post about Owen was beautiful…we had a great day with my Dad and Chris Sr.
    Cj and Ryan laughed ALL day and I cooked up a storm!!!

  2. Ahhh. . . some of the best therapies out there.

    I still think Belle looks like a little tiny Owen.

  3. I think you’ve hit upon a therapy the whole family will look forward to each day! Enjoy!

  4. Laura G says

    Love it!!!

  5. I love the new pics! I was actually thinking of a topic u could talk about. Any thoughts on hormone therapy to stunt growth? Nathan is still young and is alot lighter to carry then Emily. But I’ve been discussing it with my nurses. I saw on Tv parents that removed their daughters overies and started her on hormones to stunt her growth. I don’t think people should judge any parent until they have been put in that situation of having to carry a 100 pound child around. Just a thought for a topic for ya.

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