Anat Baniel Method – Day 1

Today we had our first appointment with an Anat Baniel Method therapist in the San Diego area.

We left at 9:30 am after Nathan’s morning therapy and drove straight without stopping to La Jolla. Nathan watched his new favorite movie n the car – Alice in Wonderland. Don’t ask me why but he just LOVES this move. Mary, my life saver and Nathan’s nurse, came down with us and drove so I could do a little bit of “work” while in the car.

I decided to enroll Nathan in the CCS MTU so we could get the process started with his communication device (thanks Erin!!). I am hoping that Regional Center won’t kick us out of therapy, but if they do, I am going to fight them and argue that CCS offers medical therapy, while Regional Center offers developmental therapy. It’s a risk, I know, but one worth taking at this point. So I made the phone calls so we could get the ball rolling with his communication device.

We arrived at Moving to Learn about 15 min’s before noon and had a quick lunch. At noon Nathan was ready to go.

Kristi started by explaining to us a little bit about the AB Method. She explained that it’s all about getting Nathan to learn how to move his own body. The therapist will stimulate different areas of Nathan’s body in order to create new neural pathways and movement reactions. She laid Nathan down on his back on a massage table and started touching and holding different parts of his body. She started working on the ribs in order to try and teach him to open his hands. She also worked on getting him to move his head from side to side and to teach his body to roll from side to side. I will share a couple of clips in the next day or two so you can watch as she worked.

Nathan was HAPPY and relaxed throughout the therapy. He had his “taking in and absorbing” face while he worked. He usually wears that face when he is interested and excited by something. After a little while I did notice that Nathan seemed to break out of his ATNR reflex and started moving his head and arms better. After a little longer he seemed to start opening and moving his hands more, especially the left which is usually fisted. Towards the end of the appointment he just seemed to be moving more in general.

Krist talked to us throughout the appointment. She suggested that instead of asking Nathan to do things, we just watch and interact with him and let him initiate movements. She told us not to celebrate when he first does new movements, but to wait for him to do them several times so he “owns” them a bit more – then we celebrate. She talked to us about being present with him without overstimulating and “leading” him – just watching his cues and following his lead. I’ll share move of her tips and information in the coming days.

We’ll be down in San Diego until Friday. Nathan will see Kristi twice a day on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Then we’ll go home Friday evening and come back down for two more days on Tues and Wed.

We also saw an Osteopath at the Osteopathic Center for Children after his nap. She was amazed by how strong his body was and said that in general he was “flowing” well. She gave him a little tune up, since it’s been a while since he’s had Osteopathy. Again, he was pretty happy and relaxed during the treatment.

In the evening we went out and had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and then walked back to where we’re staying. We then went grocery shopping and had an early night!

More videos and pictures tommorrow.

Thanks for checking in on us!


  1. Our friend Cole (11) has been doing Anat Baniel Method for some time now. He told me it hurt much less the other PT’s he’s had in the past.

    Good luck!

  2. This sounds SO amazingly promising. I am really looking forward to seeing the videos. I am glad Nathan enjoyed it, too.

    Wish I were in La Jolla right now, what a little jewel of a place.

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