Anat Baniel Method Days 4 and 5

Unfortunately since I didn’t write the posts on the same day, things are already a bit blurry and I can’t remember what specific exercises Nathan did in each session. So I am going to just write a recap of the last 3 sessions.

The 4th session was with Neil. He continued talking to Nathan and requiring his participation in all of the movements. He worked a lot on his hands and showing him how to keep his hands open and arms relaxed. He worked on rolling to his tummy and lifting his head up while on his tummy. He also showed him how to lift his hand up while on his tummy (so eventually he can use one hand to play).

Let me mention that Nathan needed about 90% assistance for all of the movements. The key is that they were showing him HOW to do it. They wouldn’t do it for him – they would facilitate the movements but ultimately it was Nathan who did them. For example, to get him to go from lying on his belly to bunny sitting, they would support him but they would ask him to make the movements. So they would ask him to bend on leg, then the other, then drop his bum, then lift his head and push up with his arms. Nathan would actually perform the activities, with help and support from Neil or Sylvie.

This turned out to be Nathan’s last session with Neil, and it was truly a great one. It was amazing to watch how attentive and receptive Nathan was with Neil. I also loved how Neil picked up very subtle cues from Nathan and “went with it”, so there was quite a flow going between the two of them. Although I am sure Neil had a plan, he allowed Nathan’s cues to impact what they did.

The 2nd session on the 4th day was with Anat. I want to write an entire point dedicated to this appointment so I am going to skip this one today.

Nathan’s last appointment was with Sylvie on Friday morning. They worked on many of the same movements, and once again Nathan cooperated and remembered what he had been taught on previous sessions. Apparently one of the important movements is for the kids to do a “bridge”, where they have their feet planted on the ground and lift their bum up on the air. Nathan did it very well several times. She also worked again on teaching him long and short arm, teaching him to vocalize an answer when asked a question, and how to roll from his back to his stomach and then lift his head up.

My favorite part of this appointment was how she showed him how to move while on his back. She would hold his feet against the table, and ask him to push. When he pushed, he would drag his body on the floor and scoot back. It was like a back scoot. She put him on one end of the table and had him scooting towards me on the other end of the table. Nathan loved it! Once again I saw the light of “movement” turn on in his eyes. He was loving the idea of being able to get to me from one side of the room to the other.

We were meant to have one more appointment with Neil but unfortunately we had to cancel it. We had to leave our B&B and didn’t have anywhere to spend the hours in between sessions. So we headed for home at about 1pm on Friday.

I am going to write 2 more posts – the 2nd appointment with Anat, and a summary of the Anat Baniel Method and my opinion of it. I just wanted to have a record of each of the appointments and what was worked on for future reference.

In general ALL of the sessions with Neil and Sylvie were incredibly powerful and I think very helpful for Nathan. Both of them are wonderful therapists and I think quite gifted at their work. I am grateful that Nathan had a chance to work with them.


  1. Ryland loves to move around on his back and does get himself into trouble, which I just laugh it. I remember thinking at his first Christmas I would do anything to have him be able to get into the christmas tree, how I would miss telling him NO, it was a hard thing to come to terms with but guess what, he learned how to more on his back and now for the last 3 christmas’s he’s been getting into the tree.

    He does have a new thing he loves getting at, Vera’s little bouncy seat, he gets over there, somehow gets it with his hands and lifts it on top on himself. I know never would have thought he would beable to get into so much stuff.
    It’s so hard telling him NO but I know he needs to know what it is.
    By the way, finnally got a minivan.

  2. I can’t wait to read your next posts about abm in gerneral, and Anat in particular.
    Marcy (in New York) and Carla (in VA) also worked with Suzy on the same skills.
    They really emphasize the scooting on the back using the legs, and making the bridge, and also the ‘long’ and ‘short’ arm. Abm is my favorite therapy to date. I have the most confidence that it could provide the best results.
    I just know one thing – in order for it to work, we must COMMIT to it. By that, I mean that we can’t just go for an intensive week every few months and expect it to help SUzy. (She is just too involved). We are going to have to commit to twice a month for a few YEARS! I’m thinking maybe the best formula for us would be 12 lessons a month (every other week for 6 lessons, so 2 nights away from home every 2 weeks), and stick to this for about 1 year, and then re-evaluate.
    Now for the hard part – HOW to do it?????
    How to afford it??
    How to leave the other kids every other week????
    That is the part I’m still working on…………..
    I have no idea yet.
    I’m thinking it’s going to cost about $2,000.00 per month. (Each lesson is $125.00 plus the 4 nights per month in a hotel).
    So, what to do…what to do…what to do….
    Too bad there isn’t an abm therapist in my back door AND who accepts Medicaid.

    Love you.

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