Anat Baniel Method: Our Approach

I confess that I am supremely excited to share the fact that we are finding a SUSTAINABLE path to bring Nathan consistent ABM therapy.

On Sunday we head out of town again to see Cheryl Eichner, an Anat Baniel method practitioner, feldenkrais practitioner, physical therapist, and much more. She was very very very highly recommended by another mother so I gave her a call to talk to her about our situation.

I asked if she’d be willing to set up a treatment plan where she works in conjunction with Nathan’s local ABM practitioner. She agreed with my view on the need for sustainability and the fact that whatever we do needs to be realistic for our family.

So she will work with Nathan twice a day this coming week. Once she gets a feel for him, she will speak with Victoria and give her a plan and a methodology so Victoria can apply the method on an ongoing basis with Nathan. Then every couple of weeks we will have remote meetings where Victoria checks in with Cheryl, and Cheryl advises and guides her for the next couple of weeks.

The reason we are setting it up this way is because Cherly has 20+ years of experience in this field, whereas Victoria is relatively new. This way Nathan will receive the benefit of a lovely, gifted local practitioner who is guided by a highly experienced one.

Every 2 or 3 months we’ll see Cheryl again, so she can work with and accelerate Nathan’s learning and have a better feeling of how to guide Victoria.

Stay tuned and I will share about our experiences with Cheryl starting on Monday!


  1. Oye marcela podrias compartir como es un dia con Nathan, ..siempre he querido perdirtelo pero no me atrevia..jeje quisiera saber como haces para integrar sus terapias,. saludos

  2. Thank you for your honest and sincere blog. Last year, after many years of various therapies, e.g. Handle, Suit, Feldenkrais, we realised that our daughter, at age 11, could not avoid surgery.
    We took her to Dr Nuzzo in New Jersey.He carried out a procedure called PERCS, which he pioneered. Her foot was one of the most severe he had seen but he succeeded in getting it straight and avoiding more invasive muscle transfer therapy. She can now stand assisted for transfer. He is extraordinarily skilful in his work and I would return to him without hesitation.

    After the op, Cheryl Eichner was one of the practitioners who worked on our daughter. We found her exceptional in her creative and energetic approach. Nathan is in excellent hands.

    Wishing you continued success for Nathan.


  3. Just found your blog from link in a post you madE on moms Egroup. Anxious to hear how things go. Trying to learn for our new 2 year old Jeremiah.

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